Monday Notes

Colt McCoy says that he is coming back to Texas for his senior year. That’s a bit surprising, but I’m glad. Not that I have any love for Texas at all – their suffering makes me happy. I just like it when guys come back for another year. Not that it makes much sense here, really. This year he is in an ideal situation – no matter what happens in the BCS Championship game he can tell anyone who will listen that they would have been the better team if they were given the chance to prove it. Things can’t get much better for him next year,but they can get worse. Somebody should give McCoy Matt Leinart’s number. Or Brian Brohm’s.

The Timberwolves finally fired Randy Wittman. That’s probably a good thing. They need to do something. Not that this will help, of course. The reason? Kevin McHale is taking over as coach. What in the world makes him think that he is good enough to solve the problems the team has? The problems, incidentally, that he is largely responsible for creating. Sure, McHale has coached before, but that only lasted 31 games on an interim basis, and the positive results were far more due to Kevin Garnett being on the team than McHale’s coaching excellence. I’ll be shocked if this works out even remotely well.

Denver’s rookie running back Peyton Hillis, the college teammate of Felix Jones and Darren McFadden, is out for the season after sustaining a torn hamstring on Sunday. That continues a stunning trend for the team – Hillis is the fifth running back to hit the IR this year, and the sixth to go down to long term injury. How is that even possible? The worst part of the story is that after the six injures, and only then, Tatum Bell is now the starter. Remember when he used to actually be good?

Tommy Tuberville’s mom says that Tommy didn’t resign from Auburn, but rather that he was fired. Nothing like having your mommy fight your battles for you.

Michigan is 6-2 with wins over UCLA and Duke, and a respectable loss to Maryland, yet they still didn’t break into either poll?!? Silliness.

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