Monday Night Quick Hits

Kevin Garnett is being held out of action until the playoffs. The official story is that there is no point in playing him in two totally meaningless games, but I’m not buying it. Wouldn’t you want to have a chance to test your knee and your fitness before the games got intense? Wouldn’t you want to ease back into action gradually? I sense that there is more to this story than we are hearing, and that makes me a bit uneasy.

I just saw an interview on the Golf Network in which Sergio Garcia whined and moaned about the course at Augusta. He doesn’t think that the course is fair. It’s too tricky and causes you to guess too much. What a big baby. Just because you suck and may never win the major you should have already won by now doesn’t mean that you should blame the course.

Brandon Webb is on the DL after the stiffness in his shoulder didn’t dissipate. That explains the reason why his first start was bad, but it doesn’t paint an optimistic picture for the D-Backs – they badly need him to have a good year if they want to contend.

Florida International University is reportedly trying to hire Isiah Thomas to be their basketball coach. I have heard a lot of bad ideas in my time, but I’m pretty sure that this is the worst I have heard yet. What is there about Thomas’ record as a coach that would make you want to let him within a hundred miles of your team? If I had a team I wouldn’t let him in the building even if he had a ticket.

Chien-Ming Wang had a truly catastrophic start today. He lasted just one inning, and he allowed eight earned runs on six hits. In his first start he allowed seven runs in less than four innings. I’m no pitching coach, but it would be hard to believe that there isn’t something really wrong here. One bad outing is just one of those things that happen, but two in a row is getting to be a problem.

Ben Wallace is likely going to be out for the Cavs for the playoffs. It’s amazing how quickly things can change in sports. A couple of years ago Wallace was the league’s dominant defender and missing him would very likely have spelled doom for the team he played for. Now he is close to irrelevant and his absence will have very little impact on the team. Wallace has had just nine double digit rebound games all season, and only two have come in 2009. He just recently missed 21 games, and theCavs went 18-3 over that stretch. This injury means very little. The only impact it could have is if the public overreacts based on his name.

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  1. Do you at all think the Celtics can win with minimal contributious from Garnett but if Powe and Big Baby really step up? Both guys are in contract years and could have massive playoff performances.

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