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Will This Be the Year Eric Gordon Breaks Out?
The Clippers were pretty dreadful last year, but that may change with a healthy Blake Griffin on the court, in addition to the continued growth of Eric Gordon.  Kaman started off last season with gusto, but as injuries accrued, he faded.  Baron Davis is battling weight problems, and I expect rookie Eric Bledsoe to receive at least 18 minutes a game, which means Baron will be close to 30 minutes a game.  We’ll take a look here at how the return of Blake Griffin will affect the Los Angeles Clippers.

Eric Gordon Over/Under 17.3 ppg

OVER.  Last year Gordon averaged 16.9 ppg playing exactly 36 minutes a game.  I expect Gordon to have a larger role in the offense this year, and coming off his experience with Team USA, his confidence is sure to have grown.  I have every reason to suspect that this is a breakout year for Gordon, as many players do break out in their third full season as a pro.  I think he’ll be upwards of 18 ppg, which makes this an easy ‘over.’

Chris Kaman Over/Under 17.3 ppg

UNDER.  Last year Kaman put up a career high 18.5 ppg.  I do think that is going to go down this year, as Griffin’s return to the lineup will take shots away from Kaman, as well as negatively affecting his rebounding (we’ll get to that next).  I think Kaman comes down to earth a bit this year and puts up around 15 ppg, as he did in 07-08.

Chris Kaman Over/Under 8.7 rpg

Too close to call.  He averaged 9.3 rebounds a game last year, and it seems that with Griffin around, he’s likely to take a small hit in the boards, whether it will be more or less than 0.6 boards a game is anyone’s guess, and I don’t advise betting on his rebounding.

Blake Griffin Over/Under 16.5 ppg

OVER.  Griffin appears prime and ready to take the NBA by storm, and he is my favorite  for rookie of the year.  I think he has the potential and ability to put up around 19 ppg this year, assuming he stays healthy, which I think he will.  He has torn it up during preseason play and he dominated at Oklahoma in college, making him the concensus #1 pick.  He has the tools to average 19 a game, and that is where I see him this year.

Blake Griffin Over/Under 8.5 rpg

Too close to call.  8.5 sounds about right, and we have nothing to base this stat off of, as he is a rookie.  He has a propensity towards grabbing rebounds, and could easily exceed 9 a game this year, but 8.5 does sound about right, and I don’t advise betting here.

Baron Davis Over/Under 16.0 ppg

UNDER.  HE failed to score 16 points a game last year (he had 15.3 ppg).  He failed to score 15 ppg the year before last.  This year, with Griffin and Eric Gordon looking to score more in the Clips offense, I just don’t see it being possible for Baron to average more than 15 a game this year, and as already mentioned, they may look to develop Eric Bledsoe, in which case Baron will take an even further hit.  This is an easy ‘under.’

Baron Davis Over/Under 7.7 apg

Too close to call.  He averaged 8.0 last year and 7.7 the year before.  I don’t really know if the increased talent around him will aid him in assists, or if his playing time may suffer and make it harder to average 7.7.  Too many variables here.  Stay away from this bet.

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