From The Ridiculous To The Really Ridiculous

There are few things I take more pleasure in than watching Notre Dame fail. As a Michigan fan I don’t particularly have any love for the Irish to begin with. The general hatred has elevated to a whole new level in the Charlie Weis regime, though. I think it was a bad joke that they got rid of Ty Willingham when and how they did, a bad joke that when they gave Weis, a guy with no head coaching experience, the reins, a really bad joke when they gave him a massive extension before he did anything to earn it, and a really, really bad joke when they kept him around for another year. With a nod to Marvin Lewis, Weis is the worst head coach in football. That makes the latest news from South Bend particularly ridiculous.

Weis took over offensive play calling last year, and then not surprisingly lost his offensive coordinator, Mike Haywood, to Miami of Ohio. Weis needed a new coordinator, and he needs to get it right this time because this is probably his last chance. So Weis did pretty much the stupidest thing possible – he gave the job to himself. Weis couldn’t possibly manage the job of head coaching, but now he’ll have to do that and the OC job as well. That’s a bad, bad idea.

To compound the stupidity, Weis has named co-defensive coordinators. That muddies the water, makes it harder for a single vision to be asserted, and probably limits the team’s chances of defensive success. That’s okay, because Weis’ new job limits the chances of offensive success.

As soon as Weis announced that he was taking both jobs, the administration should have kicked his egotistical, deluded butt out of town. The only way that this move was a good idea was if he had made himself OC and resigned the head coaching job. A demotion is the least of what he deserves.

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