Dumb, Dumber, and Still Dumber

I’m beginning to think that Donovan McNabb is stupid. Not just sort of stupid, either – cripplingly stupid. how else could you explain his suggestion to the Redskins that they sign Terrell Owens. There are about a million things wrong with that suggestion. McNabb and Owens were oil and water last time around. McNabb really needs to get off to a strong start for his new team. Owens has lost a step or three and clearly isn’t the player he once was. There isn’t a more divisive player in the league. Even at his best Owens wasn’t a great fit for what Mike Shanahan likes to do. Thinking that he’s up to the challenge of playing with Owens again, or that Owens would make an impact in Washington worth the heartache, is a sign of a stunning lack of awareness.

In the clearest sign yet that the NFL is going to suspend Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers have picked up Byron Leftwich from the Bucs for a seventh round pick. Leftwich was the backup in Pittsburgh in 2008 and was successful when called upon, and he knows the offense well, so he would be ready to step in and give the Steelers the best possible chance of winning their first four games before they got their starter back. I like Leftwich, so I like the deal.

LPGA megastar Lorena Ochoa seems as if she wants to become a boxer. She’s doing a good impression of one – she retire suddenly today despite being ranked number one in the world and being just 28. This is actually the second time that she has stepped away from the game. There isn’t anyone on the planet who could possibly believe that this retirement is for real – with the possible exception of Urban Meyer. I will never understand why athletes feel the need to announce their retirement only to come back later on. Why not just take a leave of absence and then return when you feel like it? Far less drama and ridiculousness.

I was very disappointed to hear that Reds’ pitcher Edinson Volquez has tested positive for performance enhancing drugs and will receive a 50 game suspension. He came to the Reds in exchange for Josh Hamilton, and he won 17 games in that first year before being hit with injuries. He’s a special talent. Though a 50 game suspension is far from a good thing, it’s also a sign of just how toothless the MLB approach to drugs really is – he wasn’t going to be back from injury until the summer anyway, and he can serve the suspension while he is injured. In other words, other than the public embarrassment there is not a penalty for the situation. Stupid.

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