Using Regular Season Results To Handicap the NBA Finals

When two teams meet in the NBA Finals it isn’t the first time that they have faced each other all year. They are in different conferences, but NBA teams from those conferences have still played a pair of regular season games – one in each of their home arenas. Sports bettors (more…)

Unexpected Blowout Win By Underdog in NBA Playoffs

It seems like there is always a very surprising upset win by a serious underdog in each round of the NBA playoffs. Sometimes there is more than one. For NBA bettors these games are hard to figure out. Will the win give the underdog confidence and momentum going forward, or will (more…)

One NBA Conference Stronger Than Other

The NBA can never seem to achieve balance between their two conferences. As we head towards the NBA finals each year there always seems to be one conference that is significantly stronger than the other. Of course, it would be easy if it was always the same conference, but that is (more…)

Misinterpreted Factors When Handicapping NBA Finals

Once the NBA Finals are set sports handicappers scramble to figure out how the teams match up, who has the edge and where the value is in futures bets and individual game lines. For serious NBA bettors this means looking back at every aspect of both teams that led to them (more…)

Immediate NBA Finals Pairing Analysis

As soon as the pairing for the NBA Finals is known there is a rush for handicappers. There are futures bets to be made, and lines to be bet before the betting public unleashes on them. To take maximum advantage handicappers need to quickly get a sense of what the matchup (more…)

How to Handicap NBA Teams Down 0-2 in the Playoffs

The last thing an NBA team wants when they start a playoff series is to lose the first two games. That puts them into a hole that can be difficult to recover. An 0-2 deficit is not the end of the line, and many good basketball teams have found themselves finding (more…)

Handicapping the NBA Playoffs

The NBA playoffs go on forever, which means that sports bettors have ample opportunity to place bets and make a lot of cash as a total of 16 teams battle for the championship. If you’re thinking that handicapping the playoffs is the same as handicapping the regular NBA season, you’re wrong.

The (more…)

Finding High Playoff Seeds That Could Be Vulnerable

The high seeds in the NBA playoffs are very dominant. For example, a number one seed has lost to a number eight just three times in NBA history. A sixth seed, the 1995 Houston Rockets, are the lowest seed ever to win it all. Generally there are a few teams each (more…)

Finding Value On Favorites In NBA Playoff Series Bets

Absolutely anything can happen in sports. Any bettor who has ever taken an outcome for granted knows how true that is. In the first round of the NBA playoffs, though, there are some teams that are as close to unbeatable as is possible in sports. Not every top seed is sure (more…)

Importance Of Momentum Heading Into the NBA Playoffs

I don’t really believe in momentum. NBA teams definitely can win multiple games, and it seems that wins can lead to more wins, but pointing at momentum as the cause for that is lazy. There are all sorts of factors that can lead to a winning streak – increased confidence, good (more…)

NBA Playoff Betting Advice For Casual Sports Bettors

When the NBA Playoffs get underway a slew of public money comes into sports betting marketplace. Casual bettors that haven’t placed a wager all season long view playoff betting as a chance to enhance their NBA playoff experience. While almost all know how the NBA point spread works, we get a (more…)

Mistakes That Gamblers Make Wagering on the NBA Finals

Any sports bettor will tell you wagering on the NBA Finals is tough. Both teams are obviously in top form after having beaten some good teams to get to where they are. The teams aren’t particularly familiar with each other because the schedule limits their interaction during the regular season. Both (more…)

Using Media Bias To Find Value in the NBA Playoffs

In the later rounds of the NBA playoffs it often seems as if the media has a clear bias – a strong lean towards one team in a series and against the other. If that media bias is strong, consistent and logical at least on the surface then it could have (more…)

Handicapping Teams Off A Blowout Loss in the Playoffs

In the NBA playoffs – especially but certainly not exclusively in the first round – we often see one-sided games. These are games in which one side looks like they forgot to show up for the game and they lose by a wide margin. They are incredibly dull games, and they (more…)

First Round NBA Playoff Betting Mistakes

The NBA playoffs can provide great drama and excellent betting opportunities. Because of that there are a lot of people who are very excited to see the playoffs arrive, and very eager to bet on the games once they are here. If you are too eager to jump in and bet (more…)

NBA Playoffs Second Round Betting Strategy

Successful sports betting, including wagering on the second round of the NBA Playoffs, is all about noticing the things that will have an impact on the outcome of games and figuring out how to exploit them. Sometimes the differences between one situation and another can be subtle on the surface, but (more…)

How NBA Playoff Betting Differs From Regular Season

A lot of casual NBA bettors make a big mistake – they assume that betting on the NBA playoffs is just the same as betting on the regular season. That is true in some ways – the basketball team that scores the most points still wins, for example. There are some (more…)

Common NBA Playoff Series Betting Mistakes

NBA series bets can be a great way for sports bettors to find value in the playoffs. If you aren’t careful, though, they can also be very costly. Here are four mistakes people make when making these bets. By avoiding them you significantly increase your chances at making a profit over (more…)

Consider or Ignore Team Depth for NBA Playoff Bets?

Team depth, and the significance of it, is a tough concept for NBA bettors to deal with in the playoffs. Some basketball teams are obviously going to be deeper and more talented than others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to be better suited for playoff success. In (more…)

Why Coaches Matter in NBA Playoff ATS Success

Coaches are very significant in the NBA, and never more significant than in the league playoffs. Being a coach in the NBA is a thankless task because of the attitude of the players and the lack of job security in most situations. For sports bettors, a good coach can be worth (more…)

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