How 2nd Half NBA Betting Works And How To Win More Of Your Bets

NBA second half betting offers you a great tool to invest your money. There are several benefits to betting on the second half of an NBA game. Here, we will explain what the benefits are and how you might be able to come out with a chance to middle with your bet on the second half of an NBA game. Such a win-win situation is desirable for any sports bettor, as all you will be losing is the vig.

Much like in NFL games, oddsmakers have a limited time to set the new lines for the second half of a game. They might have to set several lines at the same time on nights with many games going on at the same time.

The oddsmakers also have to take the public perception into account and set their lines accordingly. If a heavy favorite is down at halftime, the public will expect the team to come back and turn the game around. Most of the betting action will be on the favorite, and oddsmakers have to account for that and shade their second half point spreads.

This is your chance to look for great value. Many professional bettors tend to bet against the public in any situation, as those bets usually offer better value. The halftime of an NBA game offers a great opportunity to do so.

If you have been following the game and you can tell that the favorite is having an off night, make use of that knowledge. Paying attention to all the details like fatigue, injuries, or just plain effort will give you more knowledge of the most likely outcome of the second half.

Maybe it is one of those nights where the stars don’t go all out. They are just coasting along and taking the night off. Maybe one of the top players tweaked an ankle, and while he is still on the court, he can’t pull off his signature move. Maybe the favorite is coming off a grueling road trip and the fatigue is showing in their play.

Use this knowledge to find value in second half bets and you will be able to gain additional money, hedge your full game bet, or even middle the book. Say, you picked the 5-point underdog going into the game and they are up seven at half time. The betting public will most likely go with the favorite to turn around and make the comeback.

The oddsmakers will shade the odds to account for that and the favorite will have to win the second half big to cover the spread. For our purposes, we will say the oddsmakers make them the 7-point favorite for the second half.

If you pick the favorite here, you can middle the book and you know that the worst thing that can happen is to push on your bets and lose the vig. If the favorite covers the second-half spread, you could win both bets, or just the second half bet. If the favorite doesn’t cover the second-half spread, you lose your second half bet, but you win your full game bet.

Sometimes, sportsbooks react to the action they get at halftime and move the lines in the short amount of time the teams spend in the locker rooms. While many sportsbooks try to keep their lines close to where their competition has them, they will have to react to the action on their lines. This is your chance to make the most of your memberships at many online sports betting services. You will have a chance to browse their lines as they are changing and find the best value.

Make sure to watch the games closely and take advantage of any information you can gather throughout the first half of the game. If you pay attention to all the details, you can find a lot of value in NBA second half lines. There are many professional sports bettors out there that make the majority of their money on NBA second half bets.

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