Tips For Betting on FIghters Making UFC Return

For many fighters below the star level in the UFC, being in the biggest fight organization in the world is not a permanent career. A couple of bad fights or any number of other problems can lead to a fighter leaving before his career is over. Quite often those same guys (more…)

MMA Title Fights Are Unique

For MMA bettors there is a big difference between betting on a title fight and betting on any other fight on the card. Bettors who are aware of those differences, what they mean, and how to exploit them have the best chance at long term profit betting on them. Here are (more…)

Keys To Handicapping Rematch Fights

Rematches are very common in the UFC. They aren’t always well promoted, but quite often the two fighters meeting in the Octagon have been there before. Paying attention to these earlier fights and how they turned out can be very useful for bettors. If you aren’t careful, though, they can also (more…)

Handicapping MMA Fighters After The Ultimate Fighter

The UFC has done a better job than any other sport of combining reality television with the highest levels of the sport. The Ultimate Fighter isn’t just a fighting contest to entertain television viewers between UFC events – it’s a very prolific source of serious fighters for the sport. Three different (more…)

Handicapping Fighters On Endless Title Reign

It is very tough to win a title in the UFC, and harder still to hold that title for any length of time. It is surprisingly frequent, though, for a guy to win the fight, defend it multiple times, and seem like he has settled in for a long reign as (more…)

Handicapping FIghter After First Loss

The betting public loves perfection – or at least the appearance of perfection. That’s why a fighter who is undefeated heading into a fight in the UFC always draw a little more attention than a fighter in his position typically would otherwise. In virtually every case, a fighter is eventually going (more…)

Determining How A Fighter Will Respond After A Title Loss

In the world of the UFC it seems like title reigns either last forever or are very short. The latter is more common than the former, so bettors need to be able to effectively determine how to deal with a fighter in their first fight after losing their title. Some fighters (more…)

Challenges Of Capping Fighter Off Long Layoff From Injury

Injuries are obviously a fact of life in the UFC. It’s a brutal sport that puts tremendous strain on the bodies of participants. Those injuries frequently lead to long layoffs as the fighter tries to recover and get back into fighting shape. Bettors need to be very aware of those layoffs (more…)

Betting Impact Of Dropping Weight

Most UFC fighters don’t face a whole lot of stress before their weigh-in. They may need to trim a little weight, but they essentially fight in a weight class that they live in. However, for some fighters, the challenge is much more severe. Whether they are dropping to a lower weight (more…)

Handicapping Changes for UFC Main vs Undercard

As betting on mixed martial arts becomes more and more popular there are more people out there who are getting serious about betting on it successfully. That means that betting on the sport – which is still very new compared to betting on other sports – is getting more sophisticated all (more…)

MMA Parlay Betting Strategies

There are a lot of sports in which betting parlays doesn’t make a lot of sense for smart bettors. In fact, in most cases betting parlays isn’t a great idea. Mixed martial arts betting is one place that can potentially be an exception, though. In fact, often times betting fighters in (more…)

Making the Most of UFC Underdog Betting

Betting on mixed martial arts, and the UFC in particular, should be very attractive to people who are drawn to betting on underdogs. Because the sport uses moneyline betting it is far from uncommon to see underdogs going off at very high potential returns, and upsets are a big part of (more…)

Clues for Handicapping UFC Home Country Cards

The majority of UFC cards take place in the United States. In their attempt to conquer the entire world, though, the organization has taken their events around the world. They have held events in Canada, Brazil, Australia and across Europe, and they are soon heading to Japan. Typically, when the organization (more…)

Betting Issues of Last Minute UFC Changes

MMA is a brutal sport, and training for it is incredibly tough ad demanding. It’s not a wonder, then, that injuries are an unfortunate but frequent part of the lead up to any fight card in the UFC. When injuries happen after the fight card is set organizers are frequently required (more…)

Handicapping UFC Event Locations

When people talk about handicapping UFC events one of the factors that comes up often is the location of the fight and the advantage that can give to fighters from that country. The UFC likes to schedule home country fighters in events in their own countries to boost the box office (more…)

Betting Adjustments for UFC Main & Undercard

With every event they hold betting on the UFC gets more popular. Once the ultimate fringe sport, MMA is now totally mainstream, and the public has embraced it as spectators and bettors. If you aren’t familiar with betting on the UFC then there are a few things you have to get (more…)

Picking Most Valuable UFC Fighting Cards

As the UFC grows they are adding more and more cards every year. In 2012 they scheduled well over 30 cards. They have to have that many fights because their aggressive expansion and the swallowing of all the other organizations out there has left them with a whole lot of fighters (more…)

Basics for Betting on Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial arts continue to get more and more popular. More promotions start up every week, the UFC draws big live attendance and growing pay-per-view numbers, and the stars of the sport are making their way into popular culture. This is no fad. As MMA, and the UFC in particular, gets (more…)

Keys of Success for UFC Betting

With each new event they hold – especially the ones with big name fighters in championship fights – the betting popularity of MMA grows. The UFC is the clear and obvious king of the sport, but other organizations offer great opportunities as well. Betting on mixed martial arts can be very (more…)

How UFC Weight Class Impacts Betting

In the UFC you could loosely break fighters into three different groups based on their weight classes. There are the big men – the heavyweights and some light heavyweights – though not as many now as there used to be as the light heavyweights have become more technical and less about (more…)

Handicapping Different MMA Fighter Styles

The single biggest factor in handicapping mixed martial arts is the styles of the fighters and how those styles work against each other. A stronger, faster, more athletic fighter can and often does lose a fight if they can’t handle the style of their opponent. Fighters are typically capable of adapting (more…)

Which UFC Match To Bet On – Free vs PPV

When you are betting on the UFC there are two very distinct types of cards to choose from – the pay-per-view events and those that are available on broadcast television. The PPV events are at the core of the business model for the UFC, and are where most of the high (more…)

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