Putting A Value On Home Court Advantage in College Basketball

For college basketball bettors there’s something to consider when it comes to home court advantage. Have you ever watched a Duke NCAA basketball game? Or a game of the Maryland Terps? Maybe the Kansas Jayhawks? If you have attended one of these teams’ arenas, you know what I’m talking about. From loud chants to throwing objects on the court, these crowds are tough to play in front if you’re the away team.

The home-fans are right on top of opposing players and let them know that they don’t like them. Signs, chants, and costumes show support for the home team and distract the away team. Some supporters are even known to prank call the opposing teams in their hotel rooms and distract them in their preparation.

In NCAA college basketball, maybe more than in any other sport, home court advantage is huge. So, when sports bettors look at the spreads, the moneylines, and the totals always make sure to look at the home court advantage. Be sure to know who has the loudest fans when you engage in NCAA college basketball betting.

There are too many teams to put a definite number on the effect that home court has on the spread. The NFL rewards three points for home field. That means if two equally matched teams were to face of, the spread will favor the home team by three points. In college basketball, there is no exact number like that, but home court advantage can be worth anywhere between 2.5 and 6 points or more depending on the venue and opponent.

Bookmakers have to take more into account than just the sheer amount of teams when setting their odds. They also have to figure out whether an arena will be sold out and raucous against an opponent or not. Some of the early games against far inferior opponents will not be as loud as the matchup with the archrival.

When you look at the college basketball odds, make sure to take these things into account as well before making your bets. Look at the size and intensity of the average crowd. Is the arena always sold out, no matter who the opponent is? Are people loud and raucous at every game? If not, what kind of crowd can you expect at the game you want to bet on?

Also look at the set up of the building. Are the fans literally right on top of the players like at Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium? Or are they further away from the court? Can they get into opposing players faces and distract them during the game, or does the set up of the arena not allow it?

When handicapping the game, look at the energy level in the student section. The “Cameron Crazies” at Duke or the students in the Izzone at Michigan State can affect the outcome of game with their involvement. They are loud and can cause a big distraction for away teams.

Always look at the popularity of the opponent, too. While there are some fan bases that show up for every game, a lot of the time home court advantage is bigger against better known or rival opponents.

Before placing your bets be sure to look at the age and the experience of the visiting team as well. The more experienced a team is, the better they can deal with the hostile environment. They might have played in the arena before and know how to react to the crowd.

If you have a young inexperienced team playing at a hostile arena, expect the impact of home court advantage to be bigger. The young players might face a crowd like this for the first time and struggle.

Lastly, give a different kind of home court advantage a look. No matter how loud the crowd, if a team has to travel to a far away arena, go to a different time zone, or make their way to an isolated location, they will most likely feel the impact of their travel on the court.

When betting on NCAA basketball online, make sure to take all these factors into account. By doing so, you can assess the impact of home court advantage on any specific game. Make sure to compare the different lines at our endorsed online sportsbooks to find the most valuable line when using your knowledge on home court advantage in college basketball betting.

We at Maddux Sports look at home court advantage and many other factors when preparing our college basketball predictions. If you want to benefit from our research, buy our college picks, kick back, and enjoy the NCAA college basketball season.

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