Wednesday Notes

Big Ten – ACC update – The Challenge is at 3-3 after six games, so things are looking decent for my Big Ten. The bad news is that Michigan State lost the coin flip game. The good news is that Northwestern won one of the games I had penciled in for the ACC. If everything else went according to expectations, then, Big Ten would win 6-5 and finally break the ACC curse. Here’s hoping.

Big blow for Florida heading into the SEC Championship – they will be without stud defensive end Carlos Dunlap. It turns out that Dunlap is a total moron – he not only decided to drive drunk, but then he fell asleep at a green light. Dunlap is a defensive star so this will be a problem. Personally, though, I’m not going to overreact – I don’t have a ton of respect for Alabama QB Greg McElroy , so there are a lot of positions and matchups that matter a lot more to me than this one in this game. Still, this won’t help a Florida team that already has their hands full in this one.

Surely the Twins can’t screw this one up. Joe Mauer has said that he will negotiate with the Twins until the season begins, but then he’s done for the season and he’ll be a free agent after the season – a very rich one. The Twins have one of the two best players in baseball on their team, and they can have him forever if they play their cards right. They are about to open a new stadium, and he’d look very good as the centerpiece of that stadium for the next decade. This is a no-brainer.

I don’t really care about what or who Tiger Woods does. I just find it absolutely stunning that a guy in a position like his can possibly think that saying nothing and hiding is the best way to deal with a situation like this. Has there ever been one story in the history of the world that has gone away because the central figure has refused to comment? His obsession for privacy is getting the best of him. Hopefully someone around him can get through to him so he can get back to just focusing on golf again. He finally came out and made a statement today on his website, but that’s only going to fuel the flames further. He didn’t say anything of meaning in the statement – only vague statements and obvious dodges. Not smart. If he got ahead of this thing and made an honest personal statement all would be forgotten by the time he makes his season debut next year.

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