WBC Boxing Free Picks: Mayweather Jr. Vs. Ortiz

Mayweather is a heavy favorite in this welterweight battle
The WBC Welterweight Championship fight between Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. and “Vicious” Victor Ortiz is scheduled for an 11 PM (est) start at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Floyd Mayweather is the huge favorite at -625 (25/4) while Ortiz is not expected to have much of a chance and is a huge underdog at +425 (17/4). Betting odds are taken from Bodog.

Floyd Mayweather is expected to have no problem with Victor Ortiz in this welterweight bout.

Rather than interpret this fight as a match that really needs to be looked at from both perspectives, let us just consider the downfalls of Mayweather that could account for a loss, long shot as that may be.

His defense has to be top rate first off. Floyd has stood right in front of oppoenents in recent fights and has tried to deceive them into thinking he is tough to hit. A few misses later, he begins to make his path in towards them and go for a few heavy punches. Which brings me to the next point: the accuracy of those heavy punches is crucial. For Mayweather to have his blows land directly on their target, be it jaw or temple, it will take concentratio and perseverence.

His straight right hand punch down the middle can be devestating and he is good at deflecting punch rolls off his shoulder. His body work also must be in top form. Floyd has a dangerous offensive array of moves but his hits on the body sometimes aren’t noticed, or at least the effect they have on his opponents long term is not noticed readily.

Floyd will be motivated to stay undefeated and boxers value that more than fans might think. It is a serious confidence boon to enter a fight never having lost before and the winner of this fight will face the aggressive lefty Manny Pacquaio early next year. In all likelihood it is Mayweather, but looking beyond any match can be fatal, and he’ll have to remain focused to win this one as he should.

Mayweather realizes he has everything to lose and almost nothing to gain in this fight, and Arellano said as much, but also said that he “protects” his record so much because “he is insecure.” As dubious as that sounds, he has had his mental issues and Victor Ortiz criticizes his choice to see a psychologist, but maybe he shouldn’t. There’s a reason why Mayweather is favored, after all.

Floyd needs to rely on his boxing abilities and stay aggressive. He has won 41 fights and is considered one of the best pound per pound fighters in the world, but that won’t assure anything against Pacquaio after this.

Ortiz’ trainer Danny Garcia has said that Victor Ortiz is “confident, calm, and ready for anything…he’s a man.” Ortiz may be confident, but certainly it is in his own abilities more than a confidence he can win this fight. It will serve more as a measuring stick for him and a confidence builder that he can hang with elite competition, if he indeed can.

Confident that Mayweather will win, you could back up a bet on Bodog and gain what little value the odds offer. While there is no such thing as a ‘lock’ persay, Mayweather is one of the heavier favorites in a fight of this caliber. Bodog offers free and easy hassle-free payouts and also offers a 10% bonus upon sign up.

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  1. After years of trying to keep my son from UFC telling him it has no manners or respect. I am forced to put my head down, as i have told my son boxing is a sport of respect and sportsmen ship. As my son and I watched Mayweather vs Ortiz fight tonight, I have to say a very disrespectful Mayweather and unsportsmen conduct has cast a black cloud over boxing as a sport, with his sucker puch and foul talk to Larry Merchanct. I am now forced to reconsider having to let my son watch UFC as i think it now has more class and respect then boxing. If boxing wants to save it’s self it needs to reverse the call to a no contest and demand an immediate rematch if not i am done with boxing and guess i will have to learn to watch UFC.

  2. It’s always a two-sided proposition when it comes to children liking fights. Neither UFC nor standard boxing are tame sports and there’s a lot of poor sportsmanship shown in both sports. It’s weighing the entertainment factor against the moral implications, but for most fans the entertainment factor wins out. We don’t like to see the likes of Tyson chomping off ear lobes, but we accept that the nasty facets of boxing are offset by the raw excitement. Just my two cents, sir.

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