Tuesday Evening Notes

So long, Tim Floyd. One of the slimiest coaches in basketball has reportedly resigned from his post at USC. He’s embroiled with a scandal over allegations that he personally paid an associate of O.J. Mayo so that Mayo would choose to attend USC. He hasn’t admitted to doing anything wrong, but this resignation is the next best thing. It was only a couple of months ago that Floyd declared his love to USC and chose to stay instead of taking the job at Arizona, sp this is a relationship that soured quickly. Now USC has to find a good coach at an awkward time, and they can’t afford to screw it up. The search won’t be made any easier by the sins of Floyd – no coach would be eager to jump into a school that could be hit by sanctions. I’ve never been a fan of Floyd, and this is just a clear sign that I can trust my instincts.

Stephen Strasburg was officially drafted by the Nationals today, though we knew it would happen for weeks. Assuming that Washington can get him signed it will be very, very interesting to watch his career develop. There certainly hasn’t been a college pitcher who has been this hyped in my lifetime, nor one that has posted such ridiculous stats. He’ll face massive expectations, and he’ll likely draw a massice salary, so people will be watching very closely. I’ll be hoping for the best because it sounds like he could be something truly special to watch, but the image of Mark Prior will be in my head every time I think of him.

Game six of the Stanley Cup finals gets underway in a few minutes, and the Wings can drink from the Cup with a win. It would be hard for a game to be filled with more cliches – will Pittsburgh be able to rebound from the thumping they received in last game, can youth overcome experience, can home ice give the Pens a boost, and so on. My hunch is that the Penguins will take this one to seven, but I haven’t had much success underestimating the Wings up to this point, so take my thought with a grain of salt.

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  1. Where’s Jim Bowden these days? I hope the Nationals bring up their pick prematurely – they will find some way to mess this up.

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