Ten Quick Thoughts On A Sunday Night

1. Suck on that, Blake Griffin.

2. Roy Williams proved yet again how incredibly good he is. He and his staff had the Tar Heels as prepared as they possibly could have been for the Oklahoma game. The first half was as brilliant a defensive performance against a formidable foe as I have ever seen. I have been down on North Carolina for a while now, but that showing made it harder for me to stick with my opinion – especially now that they have a week to get ready for the Wildcats.

3. I will be very sad if Rick Pitino does decide to jump from Louisville to Arizona. Don’t get me wrong – he’d be a brilliant fit with the Wildcats, and I would instantly become a big fan of theirs. I just don’t think he has maxed out at Louisville yet.

4. If I was Kentucky and I knew that John Calipari was interested I would do absolutely anything in order to get hm on board. If I was Calipari, I would set the land speed record heading to a major conference school with that much tradition and clout. Calipari would win a national championship in Kentucky, and it wouldn’t take a real long time.

5. Tiger Woods is the best golfer in history, and there is no need to have any more discussions about it.

6. We don’t have much of a sample size to know how much of a boost playing essentially at home is going to be for Michigan State, but my hunch is it is going to be a lot. I’m not sure that they need much of a boost if they can play again like they did today. They looked good until they looked great.

7. After leading all freshmen in scoring, Stephen Curry’s little brother Seth has transferred from Liberty to Duke. He’s a virtual doppelganger for Stephen, so it will be nice to get to see more of the family. It’s also potentially a good move for Duke They lose Jon Scheyer and Gerald Henderson after next season, so if Curry is any good it could be a good fit for both sides.

8. I saw an interview today in which OU coach Jeff Capel thinks that Blake Griffin will probably go pro. Really? What a shocking statement from the coach. I’m glad he was able to illuminate those inner workings of his team for us. Otherwise, we would never have known about Griffin’s plans. The problem with the 24-7 sports world we live in is that media outlets need to fill their endless appetite for content by posting stupidly obvious stories like this.

9. I would not be surprised at all if the Colorado Avalanche didn’t win another game all year. They do not have a single good thing going on right now.

10. Only one more week until we hit a six month drought of major college sports (with the exception of the slightly bright light of the College World Series). That makes me sad.

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