I’m not a huge NBA guy. I like basketball a lot, but I’ll take college each and every day over the pros. I do watch NBA, though – especially during the playoffs. That being said, the playoffs this year have been amazing, and I am extremely excited about the conference championship rounds. These two series were somewhat unexpected, but they have pretty much everything going for them. Four incredibly massive stars – three who we know on a first name basis, and the fourth who can lead tall buildings in a single bound. It features not necessarily the four best teams, but certainly the four most deserving. Both series have clear favorites, but they also have underdogs who are full capable of the upset. They both have the potential to set a record for highlight reel plays. As a big college fan, the only thing that makes me a bit sad about this one is that the three biggest stars all skipped college ball. Mostly, that makes me sad because I love to think what any of them could have done in March. Melo essentially won a title on his own, and you’d think that at least a couple of these guys could have done the same in the right spot.

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