Cage Contender 13 Betting Preview and Predictions — From Belfast, Northern Ireland

America East Tournament Preview
Cage Contender 13 begins at 2 PM Saturday afternoon from Northern Ireland
Cage Contender 13
Location: Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland
Time: 2 PM Saturday, April 27th, 2012

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Colin Robinson (+285) v. Neil Wain (-445)

Wain is 10-3-0 and has won 5 of his last 6 and has great power in the cage. He was released from UFC back in 2008 and has been trying to fight his way back in. He was knocked out by Shane Carwin at that point, but he has worked hard at becoming a tougher fighter and has notched some big wins over Martin Thompson, Dave Keeley, and Przemyslaw Mysiala.

Robinson is 9-10 and is in need of a victory in the worst way. He’s a versatile and jack of all trades fighter, and he has heavy hands which has enabled him to score some big victories. Still, a win tonight is his only hope of avoiding a career gone awry, as he has lost 7 of his last 8 fights, including lowlights to Antoni Hardonk, Dan Severn, Phil De Fries, and Stefan Struve.

I would be very surprised to see Wain have trouble with a fighter who has struggled as bad as Robinson has.

Rodney Moore (+650) v. Dean Lister (-1100)

Lister is 11-7 but hasn’t fought since 2009. He is one of the best grapplers, possibly ever, and he has to hope he will be able to utilize that against a huge underdog in Rodney Moore. Lister has beat some of the best MMA fighters in the world and also appeared in season three of the Ultimate Fighter.

Moore is 7-7 and has taken four years off himself. He is a well rounded fighter and weathers blows well. He’s tough as nails. He has great striking skills and grappling skills, but this very well may be his last career fight, particularly if he loses. Lester should win this via submission.

Damien Rooney (+165) v. Paddy Holohan (-225)

Rooney is a great bantamweight prospect and is 8-2-1. He has a great ability at both striking and grappling, which makes him tough to beat. He ended six fights early and knocked out Mark Connor at Cage Contender 9.

Paddy Holohan is 7-0-1 and is a great prospect in his own right. He last fought in September when he beat Neil McGuigan via a submission move. Holohan is a superior fighter when it is all said and done, and his trainer John Kvanagh has prepared him for a fight like this his entire career. He’ll be ready for whatever move, even the unorthodox, thrown by Rooney.

Conor Cooke (+365) v. John Michael Shiel (-615)

This has fight of the night potential and should be a great match between a former boxing champion on Conor Cooke with a versatile and underrated John Michael Shiel. Shiel is a strong puncher and is very accurate with his blows. He has a versatile bag of tricks and is able to mix it up well, as he was able to earn an impressive win over UFC and TUF veteran Ross Pointon. He’s always been a boxer first and foremost, so he will always look to keep fights standing as much as he possibly can.

This fight is likely to stay standing, but one must always consider the what if scenario that it goes to the floor. JMS will have the advantage on the floor, and has a great BJJ black belt mentoring him in John Kavanagh.

Cooke will have to utilize his superior reach to keep Shiel at a distance, and JMS could take control of this fight if it starts to get out of control, so Cooke must keep his head in the game the entire time. Cooke must hedge his bets on taking big shots at JMS, because it could make the difference in either knocking him out or allowing this fight to spiral out of control due to carelessness. Still, Shiel should win this one if he can get it to the ground, and Cooke can really only keep it competitive by remaining standing.

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