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2007 Tennessee Titans Draft Preview

2007 Tennessee Titans draft preview page from Maddux Sports Handicappers. Scroll below for an individual team report on the 07 draft for the Tennessee Titans NFL football club. Included is some possible Tennessee Titans draft predictions. When 2007 regular season rolls around, revisit MadduxSports.com for weekly football picks from the best football sports handicappers.

Team Name: Tennessee Titans
Head Coach: Jeff Fisher
2006 NFL Record: (7-9) Missed Playoffs
2007 Draft Order: (19th Pick)
2006 First Round Draft Pick: Vince Young

Tennessee Titans Mock Draft Picks

Position Needs for Tennessee

Running Back: Travis Henry is now playing with the Broncos and the team doesn't have a starting running back. At the time of publish there is talk of Tennessee going after San Diego's backup running back Michael Turner but the Titans will have to give up a 1st & 3rd round future draft pick just to get him.

Defensive Line: The depth is good but an impact player is needed. Robaire Smith was released and picked up by Cleveland and Rein Long is coming off of season ending surgery. Albrert Haynesworth is a talent but is often in the dog house.

Cornerback: Even with the signing of Nick Harper from Indianapolis, Titans are still weak in the CB position. With Pacman Jones gone atleast 10 games, and probably the entire season, an upgrade from Reynaldo Hill would be nice as who knows if Pacman will ever play for the Titans again.

Wide Receiver: Signed Justin Gage from Chicago, but he is below average at best. Drew Bennett signed with the Rams, and even though there is still depth at the position, there is no true number 1 guy.

Draft Outlook for the Tennessee Titans

It has been a busy offseason for the Titans, although most of it has been bad news. Adam "Pacman" Jones was suspended for atleast 10 games by the commissioner and will likely be gone for the entire 2007 campaign. The team also let go their starting running back Travis Henry and are now left with no true number 1 running back. If a deal is worked out with San Diego to acquire Michael Turner that problem will be solved but if not this team has alot of holes to fill and not enough draft picks to do so.

In the first round the Titans can go a number of different ways. Grabbing Ohio State's Ted Ginn Jr. would give them a speed burner at the wide out position as well as a field changer in the return game.

If they went for D-Line help with the 19th pick, Florida's Jarvis Moss and Arkansas' Jamaal Anderson would be great additions and bring an immediate impact player to the fold. This would leave them with the second and third round picks to go after a wideout and cornerback. This is all contingent on the Titans finding a starting running back, if they can't by draft day they just may have to spend that second round pick on a running back and hold off on drafting a CB. Should be interesting to see how it all plays out.

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