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Is Sports Betting and Gambling Legal in the US?

Some people are in a quandary when it comes to online sports gambling in the United States. They worry about the legality of online betting and any repercussions that they may suffer if they are breaking the law. The short answer regarding the question of the legality of sports betting and gambling in the US is “yes, it is legal.” Basically, each state is allowed to regulate gaming activities within its borders. Federal statutes allow individuals to gamble according to […]

Finding Best Online Sports Books

One of the important things a successful sports bettor has to do is pick the right online sports book (or preferably sports books, because shopping around for the best price is very important, but that’s for a different article). The right sports book can set a bettor up for success, while the wrong one can stand in the way and be an impediment. The tough part, though, is that there s no sports book that is ideal for everyone – […]

Which Sportsbook Bonuses Are Best

Online sportsbooks want your business. That goes without saying – they make money when people bet, so the action they can take the more money they will make over the long term. Their business is incredibly competitive, so books are increasingly competitive about offering bonuses to entice you to work with them. These bonuses take all sorts of forms, and some of them can be surprisingly generous. Here are seven things to keep in mind when you are trying to […]

Why You Need Multiple Sportsbook Accounts

When it comes to online sportsbooks, you’ve heard it before, but unless you are doing it regularly you haven’t heard it enough – having accounts at multiple sports books is crucial in order to maximize your profits. It’s easy to open online accounts at books and spread your bankroll between them, so there is really no excuse for not doing it. It can occasionally be a bit more complicated than having just one bet, but the benefits of doing so […]

Understanding Misunderstood Betting Lines

Sports bettors are obviously and understandably obsessed with the odds and lines that sports books post for them to bet. They are, after all, everything that sports betting is about. A lot of bettors don’t spend a lot of time thinking about where those lines come from, though. Understanding a little bit about the process can create real opportunities for bettors from time to time – and it can help them avoid costly mistakes. Here are three things that can […]

Using Live Sportsbook vs Online Sportbook

If I had to pick my ideal day – the way I would chose to spend a day if I had unlimited options – then spending a busy game day sitting in a sportsbook in Vegas would be right up there. I love everything about sportsbooks when they are busy. There is so much nervous energy that the room is vibrating. Every team on every one of the many TVs in the room has someone in the room who has […]