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Using Soccer Locations and Venues To Your Advantage

Sports bettors need to understand that the location of major international soccer tournaments like the World Cup or European Championships is a potentially significant and often overlooked factor in the handicapping of the events. Location factors can give a weaker team an important edge, or can handicap an otherwise strong team. Here are five location factors to consider when handicapping a major soccer tournament: Home team – In major international tournaments the home team typically gets a bye into the […]

Tips For Bettors That Don’t Follow the Sport Regularly

For sports handicappers, there is a lot of appeal in betting on major soccer tournaments like the World Cup, European Championships, or Confederations Cup. However, for a lot of casual soccer fans, these major tournaments not only mark the only times that they bet on the sport, but the only times that they actually pay any attention to it at all. These bettors need to be able to quickly get up to speed with what they need to know about […]

Soccer Tournament Prop Betting Tips

One of the best ways to make attractive picks on major soccer tournaments like the World Cup or European Championship is with tournament long prop bets that are offered before the tournament starts. There are a wide range of options available to the soccer bettor, and if you are willing to do your homework you can usually find some that offer very nice value. If you aren’t careful though, you can lock up a whole lot of your money without […]

Moneyline Vs Point Spread Soccer Betting

A lot of North American sports bettors are not very serious about betting on soccer. They may bet on the sport during a major international event like the World Cup or European Championship, and they may even throw down a few bucks on a high profile European league game, but they hardly qualify as serious or committed bettors on the sport. For those bettors the difference between the two major ways to bet on soccer (moneyline and point spread) can […]

Keys to Successful Soccer Betting

Handicapping and betting on soccer is not something that a lot of North American bettors do very often. When the major events roll around, such as the World Cup, Euro and Confederations Cup, the temptation to bet on the sport can be too much to exist. If you aren’t a regular soccer bettor but you want to succeed betting on the big tournaments then here are six handicapping tips to keep in mind: Be comfortable with money ine betting – […]

How Betting Soccer Tournament Finals Differ

Whenever a major soccer tournament like the World Cup or European Championship starts, sports bettors and fans are automatically looking forward to the final game. This is where every team dreams of getting to and where all the hardware is handed out. For bettors, the finals are very exciting as well. Theoretically, they feature two great teams playing at their best. Bettors need to be careful though, because in a few subtle ways the finals of a tournament are different […]

Handicapping the Soccer Groups

When betting on a major international soccer tournament like the World Cup or the European Championships the first, and often most potentially lucrative place to focus is on group play. Those early games are where you can find mismatches, inaccurate public perceptions, teams that aren’t as mentally or physically prepared as they should be or teams that aren’t likely to play as well as they are capable of. Because the groups can offer so many betting opportunities it only makes […]

Handicapping Soccer Teams After Shocking Loss

One thing sports bettors can be sure of is that every time there is a major international soccer tournament (the World Cup, Euro, Confederations Cup, etc.) is that there are going to be some shocking results. It won’t happen often, but in every tournament an elite team will lose against an outmatched team that had no business being on the same field, never mind winning. This can be particularly frustrating for bettors who looked to capitalize on the apparent mismatch. […]

Handicapping Injuries During the Tournament

Experienced sports bettors know that injuries are inevitable during the intense play of major international soccer tournaments like the World Cup or Euro. A single injury can change the effectiveness of a team, or it can have little or no impact. Soccer bettors who want to be successful in handicapping these events need to be able to accurately assess the impact of an injury and how to compensate for it. Here are seven factors to consider when betting on soccer: […]

Biggest Soccer Betting Mistakes

A lot of casual sports bettors only bet on soccer when the big events such as World Cup, Euro and so on roll around. When you are only betting on the sport every year or two it can be easy to make costly mistakes that can put a big hole in your bankroll. Here are six big soccer betting mistakes bettors need to avoid: Expecting offensive explosiveness – pretty much every other sport watched by North Americans is considerably higher […]

Betting Tips For Elimination Games

Betting on major international soccer tournaments like the World Cup or the European Championships is a unique and challenging experience at the best of times. As the tournament transitions from group play to the elimination round things can change significantly for teams, and therefore for bettors. Those bettors who wish to make a long term profit will be aware of those differences and the changes they must make in order to maximize their chances of success. Here are five big […]

Betting Adjustments Needs As Tournament Progresses

Handicapping major international soccer events like the World Cup or Euro is very tough. It’s hard to know what type of form a team is really in heading into the tournament. Because of the format of a tournament, a team in bad form can really get in trouble quickly. That can be very costly for bettors. That means that successful bettors have to do the best job they can of being prepared when the tournament starts, but they also need […]

Bankroll Management For Long Soccer Tournaments

If you don’t bet on soccer year round but are drawn to the major international events – the World Cup, Euro, Confederations Cup and so on – then you really need to focus on your bankroll before the event starts. If you don’t effectively choose how big your bankroll needs to be and what your bet size should be then you are increasing the risk in your betting beyond what it needs to be. Here are six factors to consider […]