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Diversify Your Super Bowl Picks

For many sports bettors the line and over/under bets are a wash when it comes to the Super Bowl. The problem with Super Sunday is the fact that bettors only have one game on which to bet. There are very few choices. So, when it’s time for the Super Bowl what should you do as a football handicapper? Do you load all of your cash on those two bets? The trick to successful sports betting is diversification, unit management and […]

Have You Considered a Sports Betting Exchange?

The Internet has made the sports betting world a bit like the Wild West. Sure there are a lot of traditional bookmaking sites. But there are also various groundbreaking, innovative sites that sports bettors are finding interesting and attractive. One such site is the sports betting exchange. These exchanges are quite different from your traditional sportsbook. They take sports betting to a whole new level. With a sports betting exchange, the sports bettor has a lot more control and power […]

Common Super Bowl Betting Mistakes Bettors Makes

The Super Bowl is almost here. It is the biggest game of the year in every way – for fans, the media, the athletes, and bettors. Correctly picking a Super Bowl winner and making a few bucks (or more than a few) is enough to carry you through the longs months until football starts again. To give yourself the best chances of attaining that glory, though, you have to avoid simple, costly mistakes. Here are five big mistakes that Super […]

What The NFL Playoff Overtime Rule Changes Mean For Bettors

The NFL seems to react to every strange circumstance that pops up with a rule change. One of the more radical changes the football league has made in recent years is the introduction of a new overtime format for the playoffs. The move was done in response to New Orleans’ entry into the Super Bowl. The Saints won the NFC Championship over the Vikings thanks to a long field goal in overtime. People complained that that wasn’t a fitting conclusion […]

Adjustments Needed For Handicapping the NFL Playoff Games

Make no mistake – betting on the NFL playoffs successfully is very different than betting on the NFL regular season. A lot of casual, and probably unsuccessful, sports bettors wouldn’t see the differences – football is just football in their eyes. the distinctions are very real and significant, though, and successful bettors understand the differences and adjust their handicapping process accordingly. Here are five ways in which the playoffs differ from the regular season from a betting perspective: Motivation – […]

Using the Week Off Before the NFL Playoffs Start To Your Advantage

The week between the end of the NFL regular season and the start of the playoffs is an important one for bettors. Those who are serious about having a successful betting experience in the playoffs can do a few things during this time to give themselves a better chance at success. Here are five things football handicappers can do during this week to be ready: Discard your biases – Inevitably during the regular NFL season you will have built up some […]

How Professional NFL Bettors Attack the NFL Playoffs

The beauty of betting on sports is that there is a thousand different ways you can do it and make a profit. Every successful bettor will have different approaches and priorities when it comes to spotting winners and making a few bucks. At the root of it, though, there are a few things that, in one form or another, are done by all successful bettors. In the playoffs that is especially true – there are so few games each week […]

Finding Value While Betting on the Super Bowl

Finding value is what sports betting is all about. When the potential payoff for a bet is greater than the risk associated with that bet then you have value, and if you keep making your sports picks like that over the long term you will make a very nice profit. Unfortunately, it’s typically much easier to find value in games in which there is little betting attention or media coverage than in a popular, heavily bet game. That means that […]

Handicapping NFL Playoff Home Field Advantage

Home field advantage is a big factor for football handicappers to consider in the NFL. In the playoffs, though, home field advantage can be even more significant. The reason is that the impact of the advantage can vary widely in the playoffs. If the fan base is very fired up and enthusiastic then the advantage could be quite a bit more significant than normal. If the fans are complacent or lacking confidence, though, then it could be less significant than […]

Finding Value in NFL Playoff Home Underdogs

In the divisional round and the conference championship round of the NFL playoffs we would expect the home team to be favored. They have worked hard to earn the right to host their playoff games, and they are playing in a building that has obviously been good to them. At times, though, we find situations in which the home team is actually an underdog. It could be that they earned their record by playing in a weak division that hasn’t […]

Don’t Overestimate NFL Playoff Seeds

In the NFL playoffs the top seeded team in each conference holds a special place in the eyes of casual bettors. To earn that top seed they have had a very good season, and that means that the public is going to regard them highly, and is quite likely to bet heavily on them. Because these top seeds have played so well, have a week off, play at home in the playoffs, and are heavily hyped it can be very […]

Rookie Pro Bowl Betting Mistakes

Betting on the Pro Bowl isn’t the most popular thing in the NFL. There are lots of people that do it though. Lots of those people make big mistakes when they do it, and those mistakes limit their chances of making a long term profit on the game. Here are six of the biggest mistakes that people gambling on football make when betting on the Pro Bowl: Dwelling too much on starters – The Pro Bowl starters get the most […]

4 Reasons to Bet the NFL Pro Bowl

It’s hard for most football fans to get too excited about the Pro Bowl game, and harder still for a lot of bettors to really seriously pay attention. Many people would argue that the game doesn’t need to be played – that making the Pro Bowl should just be a ceremonial honor, and that we should all be spared from watching typically terrible football.I certainly can’t argue with that. I would likely never choose to watch the game, and I […]

Super Bowl Press Day Betting Mistakes

Super Bowl media day has evolved into a day of barely contained insanity. There was a time when it was about serious journalists meeting with focused NFL players to ask insightful questions in a controlled setting. Now it’s full of nutcases who know nothing about football wearing costumes and trying to get noticed. It’s such a spectacle that they are even selling tickets to the public. Back in the original form media day was as valuable a part of Super […]

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