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What Are Speed Ratings and Figures In Horse Betting

When you hear people talk about speed figures in horse betting they are likely talking about the Beyer Speed Figure. There are many different figures, but the Beyer is the most widely used and commonly available. The ratings were developed by Washington Post columnist Andrew Beyer in the 1970s, and have been available in the Daily Racing Form for more than 20 years. They are numbers manually assigned to every horse in every race run at most tracks in North […]

Using Pimlico Track Difference To Your Advantage

In horse racing and betting, the track is important and there are more than a few differences between the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. The size of the field, the media attention and the public interest all spring to mind. One of the biggest differences, however, is in the two host tracks. Churchill Downs is one of the true treasures of the horse racing world, and remains at the forefront of the sport. Pimlico used to be a great track […]

Triple Crown Pick Six

The pick six is highly attractive to horse racing bettors because the payoffs can be so high. If it is a particularly popular betting day like the Triple Crown race days, or if there hasn’t been a winner and there is carryover in the pool, then it is quite possible for the payoff of a single winning $2 pick six ticket to be high six figures or even a million dollars or more. When it comes to handicapping, it’s the […]

The Formula To Successful Belmont Stakes Betting

Making winning bets on any Triple Crown race can be tough. The good news is that winning the Belmont Stakes is a heck of a lot easier in almost every case than winning on the Kentucky Derby. In fact, there isn’t a horse race in North America any harder than winning in the Derby consistently. To make consistent winning bets on the Belmont you need a good combination of luck and skill. That skill can take years to develop. For […]

Shortcuts To Help Interpret Pedigree in Derby Handicapping

Breeding is perhaps the biggest single contributing factor to success in the Kentucky Derby. The mile and a quarter Derby distance is a huge challenge for horses – well beyond the range of ability for most. You can never truly know how well a thoroughbred will handle the distance until they try it, but you can get a clue from their pedigree. If horses are bred to succeed, then their chances of success are much better than if they don’t have […]

Profit From Preakness Exotics Betting

Betting the exotics – like the exacta, trifecta or superfecta – is a great way to bring home big profits in the Triple Crown races. The fields are so big and the public attention is so strong that big payoffs are very possible. In order to seize those big payouts, you need to bet intelligently. That means that the way you bet exotics in the Preakness is different than the way you should do so in the Kentucky Derby. Here […]

Preakness Post Positions Often Overrated

In a lot of horse races the post positions are very important. A poor draw can seriously hamper the ability of a horse to perform, and have to seriously be considered when handicapping the race. The Preakness is, for the most part, not one of those races. The post position at the Preakness, with only a few exceptions, is far less of a factor than in most races. Handicappers that dwell too much on the post positions are likely making […]

Kentucky Derby Betting Trends

Because of the infinite supply of trends, the Kentucky Derby is simultaneously interesting and challenging to handicap. There are three weeks between the last of the prep races and the Derby. For people who are interested in the Derby, that is a long time to wait. To fill that time, they analyze the race from a hundred different angles and see trends everywhere. When trying to sort out the trends that matter from the ones that don’t (which are the […]

Handicapping Preakness When Derby Winner isn’t the Betting Favorite

The majority of the time the winner of the Kentucky Derby goes on to be the favorite in the Preakness – and typically a popular one at that. Sometimes, though, another horse gets more betting attention than the one that wore the roses two weeks earlier. It could be another horse that ran in the Derby and came up short, or a new horse joining the Triple Crown trail halfway through. Because it isn’t the most common occurrence, though, bettors […]

Evaluating Horses Coming Off Underwhelming Derby Performance

Every year we see a handful of horses from the Kentucky Derby try again in a Triple Crown race two weeks later at the Preakness. Some of the horses that do so make sense – they finished high in the Derby and are looking to carry momentum forward. Typically, though, we see horses that were underwhelming – or just plain bad – in the Derby try again in the Preakness. It often doesn’t seem like a particularly logical move given […]

Betting the Belmont When Triple Crown is Possible

Betting on the Belmont Stakes when there is a potential Triple Crown winner is different in many ways than betting when there isn’t one. The race is frankly more important when history is on the line, and there’s more magic and excitement surrounding it. Bettors need to be aware of those differences and the impact they can have on how you bet the race. Here are three big differences to keep in mind when betting the final leg of the […]

Belmont Pedigree Analysis Is Vital When Betting This Race

Bettors need top be aware that there is no bigger contributing factor to the success in the Belmont Stakes than the pedigree of the horse. The mile and a half race is a brutal challenge for horses – further than they have ever been asked to run, and further than most are bred to run. In order for a horse to succeed in this challenge they need to have the support of generations of stamina behind them. That means that […]

Kentucky Derby Intra-Race Exotics Betting Tips

The Kentucky Derby is far and away the biggest race of the year for horse racing bettors both serious and casual. Interestingly, it’s also the hardest race of the year to bet on successfully because of the massive amounts of public money, the size of the field, their inexperience, the challenging distance, and the total chaos caused by the massive crowd. Because the challenge of making winning picks in this leg of the Triple Crown is so immense in this […]

Using Race Pace for Handicapping Horse Races

I love betting on the ponies. I have been going to the horse track since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, though, so all of the terminology and concepts are second nature to me. I fully realize that if you aren’t particularly familiar with horse racing it can seem very complicated and overwhelming. It’s not, though, as long as you understand the basics. One of the things you’ll hear people talk about a lot is pace. The expected pace of […]

Preakness Stakes Betting Tips

Interested in betting a few bucks on the Preakness Stakes, but not really sharp as a horse racing handicapper? Here are a few shortcuts you can use to point yourself towards some likely winning bets and away from some horses with little chance of pulling off the win: Ignore the longshots – The Kentucky Derby is a race that is often won by longshots. Between 1999 and 2009, there were three horses that paid off at higher than 30/1 to […]

Handicapping Fresh Horses In Preakness Stakes Betting

Each year in the Preakness there is approximately half the field that didn’t run in the Kentucky Derby. It can be a real betting challenge to compare these new, fresh horses to the ones that survived the grueling Derby just two weeks earlier. Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are seven questions to ask about the new invaders to see if and how well they stack up: Why wasn’t he in the Kentucky Derby? – There isn’t a single good […]

Jockeys Impact on Preakness Stakes Betting

Jockeys are little men and women, but they have a big impact on the outcome of horse races and your pari-mutuel horse racing bets. They can’t make a bad horse good, but they can make the difference between a win and a loss for a horse that is talented. In the Preakness Stakes it is particularly significant to pay attention to the jockeys because they have a big impact in the unique race. Here are five things to consider when […]

Longshot Betting Strategy for Preakness Stakes

As many veteran horse race bettors know, the Kentucky Derby is the home of big longshots winners – horses like Giacomo, Mine That Bird, and Monarchos have paid huge prices in recent years, and winners of 20/1 or more happen so often that it isn’t even surprising anymore. In the Preakness, though, the story is very different. Longshots just don’t win in this race. In 135 runnings of the Preakness up to 2010, the longest odds ever for a winner […]

Betting Mistakes to Avoid for Preakness Stakes

Picking a winner in the Preakness Stakes is typically not nearly as difficult as finding the winner of the Kentucky Derby is. If a bettor isn’t careful, though, there are some mistakes that are easy to make that can get in the way of finding that winner, or which can make it hard to make a profit even if you do pick the winner. Here are four of the biggest mistakes people make when betting on the Preakness: Falling in […]

Win, Place, Show – Horse Race Betting Basics

Whether it’s one of the Triple Crown races or the Breeders’ Cup, there are a few times each year when people who are not likely to make a bet on a horse race any other team are drawn to pick a pony and lay down a few bucks. If you aren’t familiar with horse racing, though, there is a lot of terminology that can be confusing, and that can make it frustrating to make the bet you want to make. […]

How Track Surface Impacts Horse Handicapping

Whether you are handicapping a major horse racing event like the Breeders’ Cup or a regular day at a major track chances are pretty good that there will be dirt races and turf races. It might not seem like a big deal – it’s only the surface the races are run on – but it is really a fundamental difference, and it significantly affects how you handicap the races and what horses are likely to win. A lot of casual […]

Kentucky Derby Inter-Race Exotic Bets Explained

For people who are looking to make a nice profit by betting on the Kentucky Derby and are willing to do a bit of extra research, one of the best ways to seek out the best chance at profit is by betting inter-race exotics. We’ll look at what they are in more detail in a moment, but basically they are bets in which you have to pick the winners of two or more races in a row including the Derby. […]

Handicapping the Kentucky Derby Winner in the Preakness

When you are trying to handicap the Preakness Stakes successfully you really have to start with one crucially important question – is the Kentucky Derby winner any good? For two weeks the Derby winner is the best known horse on the planet, so he is going to get a whole lot of attention from the betting public. As a result his odds in the Preakness are all but guaranteed to be lower than they would ideally be based on his […]

Finding Breeders’ Cup Longshot Betting Picks

The Breeders’ Cup is usually a great weekend for longshot thoroughbred bettors. With so many races spread over two days, and with fields that are so deep and talented, you can be all but certain that at least a couple of horses are going to pay huge win prices. The challenge for horse bettors, of course, is to figure out which of the may longshots on the day are worthy of support, and which ones truly have as a little hope […]

Common Kentucky Derby Betting Mistakes

Betting on the Kentucky Derby is really hard. Actually, betting is easy – it’s winning that is hard. In fact, I say without qualification that it is the hardest single race to bet on successfully all year. It’s full of very young horses running further than they ever have – and probably further than most are really ready for – in the biggest field they will ever face in front of the biggest, loudest crowd in the sport. It’s total […]

How Distance Impacts Kentucky Derby Bets

Whenever you talk about handicapping the Kentucky Derby you always have to talk about the distance of the race. This isn’t the longest of the Triple Crown races – the Belmont is a mile and a half while the Derby is a mile and a quarter – but it’s a very long race. People who don’t follow horse racing closely won’t understand why the distance is such a big issue, and why they have to compensate for it in their […]

Kentucky Derby Betting Tips

Experienced race bettors know that the Kentucky Derby is truly the greatest two minutes in sports. It’s also the day that a lot of casual bettors make their only horse racing bets of the year. That makes sense in that it’s the biggest race in the world, but it’s also the hardest race of the year to handicap. To make money on the race you need more luck than anything else. Here are five tips that can help horse race […]

Handicapping the Kentucky Derby Favorites

Deciding if you are going to bet on the favorite in the Kentucky Derby is one of the biggest challenges in handicapping the race. Between 1979 and 2010 only four favorites ended up winning the race. Given that favorites typically win about a third of all races that’s well below expectations. Over the long term, then, it seems to pay to ignore the favorites when you are deciding your win bets. That’s easier said that done, though. Quite often the […]

Handicapping the Kentucky Derby Jockeys

The jockeys get a lot of attention in the Kentucky Derby, and so they should – especially by handicappers. They may be tiny, but those little men and women can make the difference between a horse that has nowhere to run and flounders and one that rolls to a big win. Jockeys can win a race for a horse, and they can absolutely cause a good horse to lose. That means that handicapping jockeys is an important part of picking […]

Post Position Impact on Kentucky Derby Bets

On the Wednesday before the Kentucky Derby every year owners, trainers, and jockeys are particularly tense. That’s because they are awaiting that afternoon’s post position draw. With 20 horses in the race there are some post positions that are favorable, others that can fit some horses better than others, and some that no one wants. No horse has ever won the Kentucky Derby because of their post position, but many horses have probably lost largely as a result of the […]

Betting Differences of Kentucky Derby & Preakness

The Preakness is the second leg of the Triple Crown, and it follows just two weeks after the Kentucky Derby, but for bettors those two races really couldn’t be much more different. Here are five key differences between the two races that bettors need to keep in mind to succeed over the long term: Distance – The Derby is run at a mile and a quarter while the Preakness is a mile and 3/16. It might not seem like 1/16 […]

Race Day Kentucky Derby Betting

By the time Kentucky Derby day dawns most people probably have a pretty good sense of which horses they like and which ones they don’t. There is absolutely no reason to commit financially to your horses too soon, though. Unless you have a reason to bet early you are much better served to collect as much information as you can before making your final decision. There is a whole lot you can learn on the day of the races by […]

Handicapping Kentucky Derby Horse Trainers

Kentucky Derby day is the best day of the year to be a horse racing fan and the excitment makes it great for pari-mutuel bettors. It’s also probably the hardest day of the year to make money betting on the races. There are so many factors you have to consider and weigh in the Derby that’s it’s extremely hard to be sure you are coming out on the right horse. Even if you do spot the best horse you have […]

Why Kentucky Derby Handicapping is Unique

The Kentucky Derby is, for my betting bankroll, the greatest single day sporting event of the year. It’s practically perfect. I’ve been to the race in person twice, and would go back every year if I could – there’s no better spectacle to be a part of. As a fan it’s a great day. As a handicapper, though, it’s a challenge. There is nothing more satisfying then cashing a big winner on the Derby, but there are few things harder […]

Unique Issues When Betting on Belmont Stakes

The Belmont Stakes is an incredibly unique race to bet. If you are not aware of what makes it unique – and don’t adjust for those changes accordingly – then you don’t stand much of a chance of making a long term profit. Here are three of the biggest reasons why this is such a unique race for bettors: Distance – The Belmont is a mile and a half. The longest race available for three years olds before the Belmont […]

Breeders Cup Handicapping Tips

Bettors get ready beacause the Breeders’ Cup takes place this coming Friday and Saturday at the greatest of all racetracks – Churchill Downs. It’s the ultimate two day racing festival – 14 races with a total purse of more than $25 million featuring the best horses from North America, Europe, and even South America this year. Outside of the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont in potential Triple Crown years these are the two best days of the year for horse […]

Making Winning Picks on Breeders Cup Classic

For horseplayers, the Breeders’ Cup Classic is by far the biggest race of the Breeders’ Cup weekend. Aside from the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont if there is a Triple Crown on the line it is the most prestigious race in North America. It’s also a very tough race to handicap. The top older horses and the best three year olds in the country typically enter the race to finish their season. That means that the field is typically deep […]

Handicapping the Breeders Cup Horse Jockeys

The jockeys are always a crucial part of handicapping horse races, and one that casual bettors often overlook. On the biggest racing days like the Breeders’ Cup, though, the importance of the jockeys is even greater. When the fields are so deep and so talented a good ride from a jockey can make all the difference, and a poor ride can cost a great horse the race. When you are handicapping these big races, then, you need to pay close […]

Betting Tips for Breeders’ Cup Casual Horse Fans

For horse racing pros, fans and bettors, the Kentucky Derby is far more prestigious, but that’s just one race. As far as a whole day of racing – two actually – there is nothing in the horse racing world that can touch the Breeders’ Cup. Race after mega-race gives people a chance to cash in in a big way. Large fields and huge amounts of public money inflate the payouts and can lead to eye-opening totals for longshots that come […]

Handicapping the Belmont Stakes Horses

One of the challenges of handicapping the Belmont Stakes is that the horses are coming off of very different paths to get to the race. There are typically a small handful of thoroughbreds that have run in the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, and a couple more that ran in the first and skipped the second. There are also usually a few horses that skipped both races and are joining the Triple Crown trail at the last possible moment.  There […]

Judging Jockeys for Belmont Stakes Betting Picks

For bettors, jockeys are always an important part of any horse race. When the race is as unique and as challenging as the Belmont Stakes, though, the role of the jockeys takes on even more significance. As we get ready to pick a winner in the Belmont here are five questions about the jockeys that bettors will want to consider: Do they know the track? – This is the single biggest factor for handicappers to consider in this race. The […]

Guide to Successful Belmont Stakes Horse Betting

The Belmont Stakes are a challenging race to handicap. It’s the longest race most horses in the field will ever run in, and one of the longest dirt races in the country every year. With that, the uniqueness of the track at Belmont, the public scrutiny, and so many other factors in the race finding a winner can be a challenge. If you want to succeed in the long term betting on the race you need to have a strategy […]

Which Longshots to Bet on at the Belmont Stakes

Veteran bettors know that the Belmont Stakes has been very good at producing longshot winners recently. Horses like Birdstone and Da’ Tara were shocking winners at big prices, but neither holds a candle to Sarava – the 2002 winner who shocked the world at record breaking odds of 70/1. Obviously spotting any of these upset winners would be very nice for your pocketbook. Sometimes the wins really don’t make any sense – I firmly believe that there was no way […]

Belmont Stakes Betting Mistakes

The Kentucky Derby is a very difficult race to bet on successfully, but the Belmont Stakes are only slightly easier. In fact, these two legs of the Triple Crown are quite possibly the two hardest three year old races of the year to handicap successfully. If you want to make money betting on the Belmont over the long term you need to make the best bets you possibly can. That means avoiding the most common mistakes people make when placing […]

Triple Crown Impact on Belmont Stakes Betting

Smart bettors know that the Belmont Stakes is really like two different races. When there is a potential Triple Crown winner in the field then it is one of the premier sporting events in the country. It will be prominently featured on sports broadcasts, websites, magazines, and newspapers for the time leading up to the race, the broadcast of the race will be heavily watched, and betting volumes will be massive. When there is no Triple Crown potential, though, the […]

Handicapping Horse Trainers at Belmont

Savvy bettors know that before the Belmont Stakes every year the media spends a lot of time talking about the trainers in the race – especially if there is no potential Triple Crown on the line. They fixate on the big name guys, and talk about the stories they think are important – who has the hottest stables and how they have done in the race before, for example. The problem, of course, is that while those stories can be […]

Breeders Cup Betting Mistakes

Betting on the Breeders’ Cup is very hard. Anyone who makes a profit on those two days should be very proud because they have really overcome some sharp betting odds. In order to make a profit you not only have to make some good picks and have lots of luck, but you also need to avoid as many costly mistakes as you possibly can. Here are six common Breeders’ Cup betting mistakes that handicappers will want to avoid: Ignoring surface […]

Handicapping the Unique Belmont Stakes Track

Part of what makes the Triple Crown both so interesting and so challenging for handicappers is that each of the three races is so very different. They are run at different distances with different field sizes at different tracks, and horses have different amounts of rest for each race. The Kentucky Derby is the hardest of the three races to handicap, but for a lot of different reasons the Belmont isn’t far behind. Perhaps biggest reason that this race is […]

Handicapping the Distance at Belmont Stakes

Whenever you read about handicapping the Belmont Stakes, or you hear someone talking about betting it, you are sure to hear about how important it is to be sure that the horses can handle the distance. The Belmont, at a mile and a half, is by far the longest of the three Triple Crown races. It is also the longest race that most horses in it will ever be in, and longer than many of them are suited to run. […]