Do-it-yourself Handicapping Versus Going with a Professional

The NFL and college football seasons are a time when online and land-based sportsbooks and handicappers are exceptionally busy. Professional bettors are working throughout the week, preparing to wager on college and pro football games that are played from Thursday through Monday. Many sports bettors enjoy handicapping games themselves. The process can be a challenging experience and time consuming. It can also be very rewarding.

If you enjoy handicapping games, then you’ll want to use as many tools as you can. There are various sources that are exceptionally useful to sports bettors. Using these resources will help you determine which games you should bet on and then on which team you should wager.

When wagering on sports such as the NFL and NCAA Football, you want to be totally prepared. Prior to the start of the pro and college seasons numerous print previews are published and sold at bookstores and through the mail. Use these publications to get an overview of each team. You’ll also find previews online that can be helpful.

When the season starts, these publications can still be useful, but you’ll need to expand on your source material. Relying on these sources throughout the season can be disastrous. Be sure to use updated information that is easy to access at online sports sites and sites directly associated with the specific league.

There are a few different types of information that sports bettors need to use as they prepare their picks. When handicapping, you want to access statistics and news, analytical tools and sports betting blogs and columns. Utilizing these three different kinds of information will allow you to get a good picture of both teams and the specific game on which you’re considering betting.

Up-to-date stats and news can be found at sites such as, ESPN, FOX Sports and other Internet based resources. You’ll find individual and team statistics, injury reports, rosters and depth charts and breaking news. Analytical tools are available at sports sites, including ESPN, and you’ll also find them at various handicapping sites such as Maddux Sports. These tools usually provide matchup information that can really help you determine which club to bet. In order to handicap thoroughly, you’ll need to cross reference sites and information.

Finally, be sure to find one or two writers whose advice and insights you find helpful. You may discover them at sports and handicapping sites that provide free access to blogs and columns. It’s important that you read people who are helpful to you and with whom you connect.

Finally, you need to be invested in watching the games and teams on which you are wagering. Seeing how a team played the week before can be very helpful when you’re handicapping and ttempting to make your sports betting decisions for the upcoming week.

Last but not least, you will need to develop some sort of process for collecting and weighing information. Exactly how are you going decide if a specific matchup and point spread offers you value? You’ll also need to figure out how many units you’re willing to risk on a specific wager. All of this is essential if you’re going to enjoy ongoing, long-term success in sports betting.

Of course, this is a lot of work. Welcome to the world of sports handicapping. Because it can be a daunting experience, many sports bettors have found handicapping services to be especially helpful. These service providers sell their picks to sports bettors.

Some service providers can be very expensive, while others provide a lot of value as they offer packages for an entire sport’s season or even for the full calendar year. If you are a sports bettor who is dedicated to wagering day-in and day-out and are in it for the long run, then you should consider a handicapping service.

Shop around, looking for a handicapping service that has a good track record, proven results and a guarantee.  If they offer free picks, you should sign up for that service and see how they pan out. Note, you cannot judge a professional handicapper by one, two or three picks. You’re looking for someone who, overall, is able to post an average success rate of at least 55%. This is an average and when applied to bets made over the course of an entire season or year will result in the bettor making plenty of cash.

Whether you do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you, sports handicapping is the essence of successful betting. When you put money down on a game it’s not like playing games of chance such as roulette or craps. Successful sports bettors and handicappers have developed skills and a methodology that they utilize to make their picks and earn money. Work on your process and make good picks that payoff. Over the course of time you can be earning money each and every day by handicapping games yourself.

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