Betting More is Important

Here’s a question that many sports bettors find difficult to answer correctly. The question is would you like to bet less and win 60% or bet more and win 54% of your wagers? Most bettors would say that they’d like to do the former; that is, bet less and win a higher percentage. But that’s actually not the right answer. You are better off winning less in terms of percentage but betting more. In the end, as a sports bettor you will really win more than you would if you won 60% of your bets.

Here’s how it works. If a bettor make 100 bets at $100 each and wins 60 and loses 40, they will win $6,000. The gambler would lose $4,400 on the 40% (40 x $110 = $4,400), which leaves them with a net profit of $1,600 ($6,000 – $4,400 = $1,600). If, on the other hand, the wagerer makes 1,000 bets at $100 per wager and wins 540 and loses 460, they would win $54,000 and lose $50,600, leaving the active sports bettor with a profit of $3,400 ($54,000 – $50,600 = $3,400).

Here’s the question rephrased. As a bettor on sports, how much profit would you rather make– $1,600 or $3,400? The right answer is you’d rather have the latter amount. It’s really that simple. You’ve got $1,800 more in the second scenario. That’s more than twice the first amount. Now consider this over a longer period of time with adjustments made to betting unit size due to profits.

The results from winning 54% of your sports bets can be astounding. By the way, consider if you do just a little better, let’s say 56%. The margin of profit would be even bigger. And 56% is certainly in the realm of possibility. Volume betting beats percentage as long as the volume is accompanied by a winning percentage. It does not have to be a high winning percentage but, obviously, it must be on the plus side. Making more bets that are overall smart bets and value-based is the key.

The interesting thing about this situation is these numbers do not include increasing the size of your unit bet as you increase your bankroll. With the numbers above, in the second scenario you double your profit, but if you increased the unit size as your bankroll grows, you would easily make $4,800 or triple the first player.

This is really about betting any game that has a 52.3% chance of winning and doing it day-in and day-out. The sports bettor who bets more games is definitely interested in making money throughout the year. How many bets per day does 1,000 per year become? It’s a tad under three. You’re talking about 20 to 24 bets per week. That’s certainly not excessive. It’s standard for professional sports bettors.

In the first scenario, you’re making about two wagers per week. That’s it. That’s nothing. If someone is doing that, they certainly can’t be considered an avid sports bettor. This sports bettor is a hobbyist at best and a dabbler at worst. They won’t make any real money because they aren’t investing any real money or time. You must invest the time and money in volume betting to make real cash. It’s a fact related to playing percentages when you’re engaged in sports betting.

This is yet another aspect of money management that includes making sure that you locate bets that are of value, exploit that value and collect your winnings to create more betting power by increasing your unit bet. Remember that 2% of $5,000 is $100 and 2% of $10,000 is $200. That $200 unit is still 2% of your bank. The big difference is that your bank has increased dramatically over time and that affords each of your bets a lot more money making potential.

Whatever the numbers may be, the fact is you’re wagering with 2% of your sports betting bank each and every time. It’s a no brainer that the more cash you have in play, the more cash that you can make. And by the way, don’t forget to decrease your unit bet if you suffer a defeat.

Finally, make sure that as a smart handicapper you carefully monitor all betting opportunities, taking those that offer best value. Funny, but if one bet looks to have a 60% chance of winning and another a 55% chance, the fact is that both will pay the same. The spread does nothing to influence actual payouts. The way you get more cash is to bet more units, putting more on your best sportsd bets.

That’s the way that you make more cash by betting more often and winning a lower percentage of your hands. It’s all about making value bets and winning as many as possible. As you increase your sports betting bankroll, you’ll increase your unit wager, giving you more clout when you place your next point spread bet. That’s how as a winning and astute sports bettor 54% makes you more than 60%.

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