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Take the Points!

Why is it that 65% to 75% of the time amateur sports bettors go with the favorite when they bet the point spread? That’s the stat on amateur bettors and it’s sort of an amazing one. Why is it amazing? Because the whole point of the spread is to even out wagering on both sides and if a line is really doing that then the question becomes who is taking the points? Someone has to be taking points and they must […]

Do-it-yourself Handicapping Versus Going with a Professional

The NFL and college football seasons are a time when online and land-based sportsbooks and handicappers are exceptionally busy. Professional bettors are working throughout the week, preparing to wager on college and pro football games that are played from Thursday through Monday. Many sports bettors enjoy handicapping games themselves. The process can be a challenging experience and time consuming. It can also be very rewarding. If you enjoy handicapping games, then you’ll want to use as many tools as you […]

Betting More is Important

Here’s a question that many sports bettors find difficult to answer correctly. The question is would you like to bet less and win 60% or bet more and win 54% of your wagers? Most bettors would say that they’d like to do the former; that is, bet less and win a higher percentage. But that’s actually not the right answer. You are better off winning less in terms of percentage but betting more. In the end, as a sports bettor you […]

How to Pick a Sports Betting Handicapping Service

If you’re a sports bettor, you may have considered hiring a sports betting handicapping service. Some sports bettors think that hiring someone to make their picks is equivalent to either cheating or wasting their cash. But neither is true. Of course, if you enjoy handicapping and are good at it, then chances are you don’t need a handicapping service. But the fact is a good sports betting service can be well worth the money especially if you’re someone who bets […]

The F-T-S of Sports Handicapping

If you don’t know what F-T-S stands for in sports handicapping, then there’s no time like the present to find out. These are the three basic methods used in sports handicapping. Many pick artists will use a combination of these methods. All are useful and each one helps create a solid picture of the game on which you’re betting. Fundamental sports handicapping is all about matchups. Technical traits focus on trends and situational analysis concentrates on team motivation. Here’s a […]

The Ups and Downs of Sports Betting

For some reason, sports bettors seem to be a volatile lot. When a pick service gets it right for them, they can be overly thankful and when they don’t get it correct, the sports bettors can be a vocally miserable group. They exhibit what Allan Greenspan has called an “irrational exuberance.”  It’s a sort of bipolar type of attitude and behavior that is about as gung ho as anyone can be when things are going well and as disillusioned and […]

Stop Digging a Sports Betting Hole

Sports betting involves research, an understanding of the game being bet and the ability to correctly evaluate stats, facts and trends. There’s a lot that goes into being a successful sports bettor. Along with all of the fact gathering and number crunching, the sports bettor has to attend to the management of their bankroll. Plus, there’s the basic evaluation of their handicapping methods or strategies. Even if a sports bettor does everything that they are supposed to do, they may […]

The Worth of Preseason Publications

Every preseason sports publication around carries hype and hoopla. Why? Because that’s what grabs attention of sports bettors, makes money and causes a lot of buzz. There are plenty of good reasons to read these publications. They usually give a good overview of specific players and teams and offer a historical perspective that can be insightful. For bettors, the best sports previews provide a few answers and present some important questions regarding each team and their possible performance. However, preseason […]

What is Pythagorean & Its Sports Betting Impact

Statistical analysis in sports is getting more and more powerful all the time. Sports handicappers who are aware of the stats that are available and how they can be helpful in the handicapping process have a clear and obvious edge over others. Baseball stats guru Bill James is one of the biggest driving forces in the development of more potent statistical analysis. One of his concepts that has taken hold in baseball and is being used increasingly in basketball as […]

Adjusting Regular Season Bets for Playoff Action

Anyone who is a serious bettor of any pro sport in North America knows that at some point each year you have to make the transition from the regular season to the playoffs.  In a lot of ways betting on the postseason in any sport is the same as the regular season – the game is still the same. Fans know, though, that there are some key differences between the regular season and the playoffs. Smart bettors know that those […]

Changing Bets for Regular Season vs Special Events

Successful sports betting is all about handling transitions well when handicapping. You regularly have to make transitions between different sports, types of bets, or phases of the season. The preseason is different than the early part of the regular season, and the stretch drive of the season is different than the playoffs. The better the sports handicapper is able to make those transitions, the more likely they will be a profitable long term bettor. One of the biggest transitions a bettor has […]

When to Favor Short Term Betting Views

People who are trying to become better sports bettors will hear time and again that as handicappers they have to have a long term view. There is nothing that is more true than that. Once you have a sports handicapping approach that works you can’t worry about what happens in any given game or week – if it is a winning approach then over the long term you will come out ahead. If you spend too much time worrying about what’s […]

Handicapping Impact of Short Turnaround Games

In sports betting on the NHL and NBA playoffs quirks of scheduling and series that run long means that teams can have short layoffs between one series and the next. They could endure a grueling seven game series only to have to start the next with just a day of rest. A transition like that isn’t easy on a team because of the challenges of moving on from the emotional and physical toll a long series can extract. When a […]

How to Choose Between Betting on Sides or Totals

There are many different ways for sports handicappers to bet on a game, and some will work better for you than others. The two most popular are betting on a side and betting on totals. Lots of bettors successfully play both kinds of bets, but there is almost certainly one type of bet that works better for those bettors than the other. Each type of bet requires different mindsets and mentalities to succeed, and some mindsets are easier for some […]

Using Twitter for a Sports Handicapping Tool

Twitter, which is getting more and more popular every day, can be useful as a sports handicapping tool. It used to be that it was just a fringe website used by gossips. Now everyone is on it, and there is an incredible amount of valuable information out there. For handicappers it can be a real goldmine, and if you use it effectively it can give you a real edge. I have a Twitter account set up just to follow people useful […]

Spotting Bad Signs for Team Heading Into Playoffs

Every major professional betting sport in the country has a substantial playoff. Each sport’s playoff is obviously unique, but regardless of which sport it is there is some common factors that indicate likely success or failure for teams. Here are five bad signs that will tell sports handicappers if teams heading into the playoffs are in trouble regardless of their sport: Lacking an identity – An identity is one of the biggest cliche catch phrases in sports – right up their with […]

Why You Should Adjust Bets During Playoff Series

As expert sports handicappers know, there are few things as hard for teams in the NHL or NBA than winning a seven game series. The intensity of the sports increases almost exponentially once the playoff begins, and every win comes at a big cost. For fans there is nothing better than the playoffs. They can be great for bettors as well, but only if they are properly prepared for them and the unique challenges they offer. One of those challenges […]

Power Ratings and Your Sports Betting

Power ratings – a term that every sports handicapper has heard, and every successful handicapper understands. A lot of winning bettors use power ratings as the basis of their handicapping approach. Even those who don’t formally use a power rating often employ the underlying principles behind power ratings that make them effective. Power ratings don’t have to be complicated, but they are often misunderstood. Here are four good questions to help sports handicappers understand power ratings better and use them to make […]

Finding Coaching Mismatches to Bet

When handicapping games, sports bettors need to spend a lot of time looking at the stats, the matchups, the star players, and so on. What often doesn’t get as much attention, though, is the coaching matchup. Quite often the coaches aren’t particularly relevant because they are fairly evenly matched, or they won’t have a direct impact on the game. Sometimes, though, savvy sports handicappers find that the coaches have a direct and significant impact on the outcome of the game. […]

Handicapping Mistake of Double Counting Stats

Good sports handicappers know that getting an insight into how a game is likely to turn out requires a careful analysis of statistics that matter. Figuring out which of the statistics actually matter is a big issue, but one that we won’t deal with here. What I do want to look at today is situations in which bettors are unintentionally paying too much attention to a particular type of stat. Without knowing they are doing it handicappers can easily count […]

Finding Your Sports Betting Edge

If you read or talk about sports betting at all then one of the words you hear all the time is ‘edge’. People will tell you that sports betting is all about finding an edge, that they know that they have a big edge, and so on. It’s a very important concept – really the key to sports betting – but it’s not always one that is well understood. Let’s look at what an edge is, and the keys for […]

Why Sports Betting Locks Don’t Exist

If you have spent any time at all in the sports betting world then you have inevitably heard about locks – expert sports picks that absolutely can’t lose. We’ll go into more detail, but if there is one thing every sports handicappers needs to take from this article it’s this: There is no such thing as a lock. Period. People will try hard to convince you that that’s not true, but it unquestionably and absolutely is. Here’s something a smart sports bettor might notice […]

How to Handicap Long Breaks Between Series

One of the many tough things to deal with when handicapping the NHL or NBA playoffs is a team that wins their seven game series in just four or five games. Teams that win that quickly are all but certain to have a long break between the end of one series and the start of the next. Their opponent likely isn’t finished their series yet, and even if they are the league isn’t likely to start the next series until […]

Longer Outlook When Betting on Today’s Game

One of the things that both players and bettors learn is that you shouldn’t spend time looking ahead to games further up the schedule. The most important game is the next one you are playing, and if you forget that you can make costly mistakes. There are times, though, that it actually makes sense for bettors to be taking a peek at what is to come. Here are four situations in which you should be looking beyond the next games […]

Better Betting By Making Your Own Betting Lines

Without question, the single most valuable part of my handicapping process – regardless of what sport I am handicapping – is when I make my own lines. Before I look at the lines that the sports books are offering I determine what I think a fair number would be. I don’t have the resources available to me that oddsmakers do, so it’s not often that I am exactly right once I compare my numbers to the real ones. Most times, […]

Common False Assumptions in Sports Betting

If there is one trait shared by almost all losing sports bettors – other than the fact that they lose more bets than they win, of course – it’s that they make too many assumptions. At the heart of it all, sports betting is about looking at facts, comparing those facts, and determining which factors matter and which don’t. That’s hard enough to do when your facts are well established and proven. When you are trying to base things not […]

Spring Cleaning Your Sports Betting System

Spring is the time when we clean our house, our yards, and our offices, so it only makes sense that we do a little spring cleaning on our handicapping as well. Spring is a good time for most bettors to do it as well – hockey and basketball are winding down, football is a long way off, and baseball is in a stable period. Even if you have had a successful year your handicapping can always use a little polishing, […]