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Handling PGA Player Moving To European Tour

Every year in golf a few players who have been playing on the European Tour decide to give the PGA Tour a try for a year, and vice versa. In some cases those moves are high profile – especially when a guy from Europe tries the higher profile PGA. Other times the move is more practical – like when a PGA player struggling to return from injury looks to Europe as an easier road back to success. Whenever a player […]

Betting Concerns for Fast PGA Tournament Leads

It doesn’t happen every week in the PGA, but quite often bettors see a golfer storm out to a lead on the Thursday with a very strong first round. Sometimes that fast start isn’t sustained and the golfer is far back in the pack by Sunday. Other times it’s a sign of things to come, and the golfer is able to sustain the performance throughout the weekend. Needless to say, the ability to get a sense of which scenario is […]

Betting Impact of PGA Tournament Locations

As bettors who follow the PGA Tour know, pro golf tournaments are held every year in every corner of the United States. There is even one held annually in Canada. At some points in the season the tournaments are clustered in some parts of the country – like the Hawaii and California swings early in the season. Other times, though, the tournaments move locations dramatically from week to week. The location of a tournament each week is an important factor […]

Judging PGA Winners After Long Losing Drought

Bettors need to realize that winning golf tournaments in the PGA is hard. Very hard. It’s quite possible, then, for even the best golfers to go through a long drought between wins. the losing streak could be blamed on any number of factors – health, motivation, off-course distractions, a change in playing style, age, or just bad luck. When a drought ends then bettors are faced with a handicapping puzzle. Does the win signal the end of the down period […]

How to Wager on President’s Cup

Wagering on the President’s Cup, which is the poor cousin of the Ryder Cup,is an interesting venture for sports bettors. It is played every second year when the Ryder Cup isn’t played, and features the top golfers from the United States against the top golfers from the rest of the world except for the golfers from Great Britain who play in the Ryder Cup. While it doesn’t get nearly as much coverage or attention as the Ryder Cup the President’s […]

Profiting From Ryder Cup Wagers

Golf bettors are looking forward to the Ryder Cup, which gets underway later this week at Celtic Manor in Wales. It’s not a major or an official event, but many top golfers will tell you that it’s the most significant event on the calendar when it appears every second year. Players go to great lengths to make the team, and then can become legends for coming through when it matters. The Ryder Cup can also be an interesting tournament for […]

Pre-Season Research for PGA Bets

Golf bettors look forward to every January, which brings the start of a new PGA season after a short layoff since last season ended. For bettors who like to bet on golf the days before the start of the new season are a good time to make sure you are ready for the long haul of the season. The more prepared you are, the better the chances are that you’ll come out ahead. Here are eight questions for PGA handicappers […]

What To Look For In PGA Golfer Pairings

Veteran golf bettors know that golfers have no control over who they get to play with in their pairing every week, yet those pairings can have a big impact on how well they play. A good pairing can lift a player up, while a poor pairing can leave a player frustrated, distracted, or otherwise not at his best. Most bettors rarely pay any attention at all to pairings. Those that do, though, can often find a nice edge – especially […]

How to Bet on PGA Match Play

Just a couple times a year we get to bet on the best format there is for pro golf in my eyes – match play. I love watching golfers stare each others in the eye until one guy blinks. It’s like every hole is a playoff. For bettors it takes a major adjustment in mindset to bet on match lay. That can be hard to do since there are so few opportunities to bet on it and find your confidence […]

Measuring Betting Potential for New PGA Players

Every year in January golf bettors see the dawn of a new season in the PGA. That means that every January a large group of new golfers join the tour. Most of those new players are obscure when they join the tour, and still obscure when they leave the tour a year or two later. Some of those guys, though, will break through. That might mean that they’ll win as a rookie, or that they will consistently perform well and […]

Betting Strategy for Alternate PGA Events

A few times each year the PGA schedules an alternate event that can offer betting possibilities. Those are the events that are played at the same time as other events with limited fields – like the British Open or WGC events. The events obviously don’t feature the most elite fields or the highest profile, and betting attention is diverted to the bigger event, but for bettors who put the effort into properly handicapping these alternate events they can provide serious […]

Biggest Match Play Golf Betting Mistakes

Outside of the majors the match play format is the best there is in professional golf. There are a few reasons for that – the head-to-head competition is rare and always intriguing, the format is perfect for TV and fun to follow, and it is fun and profitable to handicap. If people aren’t careful when they are betting on the few opportunities to handicap match play each year, though, there are mistakes that they can make that can prove to […]

Issues with Early Betting on PGA Stars

The PGA is all about the stars. That’s all that most fans and most bettors care about. Betting on those stars, whether you choose to bet the spread or place a parlay bet, is never easy as a result. They get the lion’s share of the attention and action, and their lines often lack much value as a result. It can be particularly tough to bet on star golfers early in the season. Then we are not only dealing with […]

Judging Impact of PGA Caddy Changes

Veteran golf bettors know that the relationship between a caddy and a golfer in the PGA is one that is unique in all of sports. The caddy has to be part servant, part coach, part confidante, and part security guard. The relationship is so close it is almost like a marriage. And like marriages, the relationships between caddies and golfers often end – and quite often they don’t end gracefully. When a golfer splits with his caddy it can often […]

Avoiding Early Season PGA Betting Mistakes

Each year in early January a new PGA season gets underway. Betting on the sport in January and February is different in a lot of ways than betting on it later on. Bettors who don’t think about those differences can make some costly mistakes that can impact their betting throughout the year. Here are five of the biggest mistakes that bettors making when betting the early part of the season in the PGA: Assuming big name players will be at […]

Handicapping Help for Early Season PGA Tournaments

The PGA season starts in early January each year. The betting public largely doesn’t pay a lot of attention to the sport until the Masters unless something big happens. That means that there are a lot of tournaments with comparatively little public attention that are prime spots for prepared bettors to make some real money. Here are seven questions for PGA bettors to ask to help handicap these early season tournaments effectively and take advantage of betting lines that can […]

Special Betting Consideration For PGA Fall Series

The Fall Series is a unique part of the PGA schedule for bettors – one that gets almost no attention in the realm of the casual golf fan. These are the tournaments that stretch for a month or so after the FedEx Cup has concluded. While top level golfers are worried about things like the Ryder Cup, piling up all the appearance fees they can, or resting up for next season these tournaments are the domain of people who can’t […]

Tips for Masters Golf Betting Futures

For most golf tournaments during the PGA season you can bet on them for less than a week before the field tees off. In higher profile tournaments the time frame for betting can be a bit longer. There is no tournament higher profile or more popular among fans and bettors than the Masters. In response to that excitement sportsbooks allow bettors to bet on the tournament months before it starts. You can bet on the April tournament as the season […]

Evaluating Golfer’s Hangover From Masters

People who bet on sports regularly know that in a lot of sports the biggest event comes at the end of the season. In the PGA, though, tournaments don’t get any bigger than the Masters, and that tournament comes in early April – just about a third of the way into the season. Every golfer wants to win the Masters, so they are forced to try to peak early in the season. That can lead to a letdown after the […]

Evaluating Golfer’s Prep For Masters

The Masters is by far the most popular and closely watched golf tournament of the year. That means that it is also the most popular for betting. Leading up to the Masters every little detail about the competitors is analyzed from every possible angle. One of the more interesting factors to look at is how the players choose to get ready for the tournament. Some guys will play right up to the Masters in an attempt to gain momentum heading […]

Handicapping Impact of Masters Winner

The Masters is by far the biggest golf tournament on the PGA calendar each year. That means that winning has a major impact on the golfer who comes out on top. If they are already a star then their legacy and reputation will be enhanced, and they will be even more popular in the eyes of fans and bettors. If they have not won majors or high profile tournaments before, though, then they are going to be thrust into a […]

How To Bet With Golf’s Match Play Brackets

The match play format in golf is increasingly popular for bettors. There are a few reasons for that – the head to head competition is relatively unique and exciting, the format plays well on TV, it’s something different, and so on. The biggest reason for the success of the format, though, is because of the bracket. Match play tournaments use a bracket just like the NCAA tournament does, and there is something about a bracket that gets sports fans really […]

Common Golf Betting Mistakes

A lot of casual golf bettors only bet on four of five tournaments a year – the majors and the Ryder Cup every other year. When you are betting a sport so rarely you are inevitably not going to be as sharp as you would be if you bet it much more regularly. There are a lot of mistakes that are easy to make if you don’t bet on the sport regularly. Here are four of the bigger mistakes PGA […]

Golf Guide For New Bettors

Betting on golf is a very attractive and interesting thing to do. It’s also very different than betting on other sports, and it can be challenging and intimidating for people looking to give it a go. For those who want to try betting on golf for the first time, here are five factors to start off by considering: Understand the types of bets – Before you start to bet on golf you have to understand the ways that are available […]

How to Handle Betting on Golf Match Ups

Betting on golf is hard for casual bettors. They likely only bet on the sports four or five times a year – the majors and the Ryder Cup – so they are certain not to have a deep knowledge of what’s going on in the sport. That can make picking one winner from among the dozens of golfers in a tournament even more difficult than it normally is. One way to get around the challenge of picking a single winner […]

Handicapping Regular Golf Tournaments

For a lot of casual golf bettors, there are only four or five events each year that they care about – the majors and the Ryder Cup every other year. They may pay attention to a couple of the WGC events as well – like the Match Play. That still leaves dozens of regular events each year – the weekly events that only sometimes get attention nationally. Those events should be of more interest to serious sports bettors looking to […]

Golf Betting Strategy for Week After Majors

Most casual golf bettors only bet four or five times a year – the four majors, the Ryder Cup if it is on, and maybe the match play. That’s obviously when the sport is in the spotlight, and when the most betting options are available. I’m not a huge golf bettor myself, but I do bet the majors. Those aren’t my favorite tournaments to bet, though. Where I really like to shop for value is in the tournaments played the […]

Keys to Successful Betting on Golf Majors

For casual golf bettors there are probably just four tournaments a year that they bet on – five if it is a Ryder Cup year. The majors get the large majority of attention in the golf world, and betting action is dramatically higher than in other weeks as a result. If you only bet on a sport four or five times a year, though, then you probably don’t follow it as closely as you would if long term profits week […]

Handicapping Masters at Augusta National

The Masters is the most prestigious golf tournament in the world, and Augusta National is the most revered golf course in the world. It’s the only course that hosts a Major every year, and it’s a course that has a mythology of its own. Handicappers who want to succeed betting on the Masters need to pay close attention to Augusta National and the impact it will have on the outcome of the tournament. Here are six factors for PGA handicappers […]

British Open Betting Strategy Adjustments

The British Open is just one of the four grand slam events in golf and it attracts solid betting action. It is so different from the rest of its major brethren, though, that at times it is almost as if it is a different sport. Bettors who approach the tournament in the same way that they approach the Masters, the U.S. Open and the PGA Championship are probably doomed. At the very least they are leaving money on the table […]

Exposing British Open Betting Myths

The British Open is a very unique tournament and interesting for PGA bettors. It is unlike any of the other major championships – it’s played on another continent, the weather can be especially brutal, the courses are often links style, and so on. Because the tournament is so different from most, handicappers have to pay close attention to the betting lines and make big adjustments to be ready for the tournament. Whenever you have to make big adjustments, though, you […]