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Tips For Picking College Football Games

When you are handicapping college football you don’t have the advantage of a preseason, and you often don’t get a lot of good information out of fall practices. That means that you have to go into the first game of the season relying more on what happened last season and what the team has to offer on paper than on current information, stats and first hand analysis. In short, handicapping the first game of the college football season often requires […]

How Do Recruiting Rankings Translate To ATS Success

As a general rule people aren’t nearly patient enough when it comes to the impact of recruiting in college football. Fans hear about the big names that their NCAA team has signed, and they expect the results to show up on the field right away. It’s rarely as quick or as easy as that, and anyone who has been a fan of a college football team for a while has as many stories of spectacular recruiting failures as they do of […]

Make Money Betting College Football Teams Off Bye Weeks

The third week of the college football season taught us a lot about the power of an early week off and what it can mean for teams. We’ll look at the specifics in a second, but let’s look at it generally first. Most college football teams schedule a week off at some point during the season. Through quirks of scheduling some teams find that break coming after they have only played one game. Later in the season the benefits of a […]

College Football Season Win Totals Betting Tips

Betting on season win totals in college football is an increasingly popular and attractive option. It used to be that season win totals seemed like a gimmick bet, but increasingly they are looked at as a place to find real value by serious bettors. You have to tie your money up for the whole season, but you don’t mind doing that if the risk is relatively low and the potential return on investment is attractive. When you are looking to […]

College Football Conference Winner Future Odds

Before the college football season starts each year there is lots of value to be found in betting conference winner futures. You can bet on which team is going to win each of the major NCAA conferences – and typically several of the minor conferences as well – and you can quite often get a very nice price by picking the eventual winner. When you are searching for value in college football conference winner futures here are five things to […]

Investigating Handicapper for Football’s Fall Practice

I love college football fall practices because they are a clear sign that the brilliant college football season is just around the corner. From a sports betting perspective the best part of fall practices is that the general public isn’t paying a lot of attention. That means as a sports handicapper if you do your homework and pay attention to what is going on you can gain a nice edge over the betting public – especially early in the season when […]

Fall Practice Clues for Crafty Football Bettors

I’m a big believer in the importance of paying attention to fall practices to get ready for the college football season. The sports betting public generally isn’t paying a lot of attention to what goes on before the games start, so if you are on top of what is happening – who is playing, who is underperforming, which football teams are ready and which aren’t, and so on – you can have a nice early edge on the early games in […]

Betting Tips For Facing Huge Football Spreads

One of the challenging things that football bettors – and especially college football bettors because it is so common – have to deal with is very large point spreads in games. In college football it’s not uncommon to see spreads of four touchdowns or more in a game. When you see a game like that it is very clear who is likely to win, and in most cases you are fairly certain that the favorite could win by more than […]

Find Teams At Risk Of Overlooking Opponents

The media loves to talk about the potential of a good college football team looking past a weak opponent towards a stronger opponent in their next game. They’ll often suggest that a team in this circumstance could lack focus and intensity and could be vulnerable to an upset or a less impressive win than they otherwise might get. It sounds like a decent theory, and sometimes it is even true. The trick for sports bettors is to know when a […]

Spotting Potential Strong Conference Obstacles

Making money over the long term on college football betting – or any sport, really – isn’t really that difficult conceptually. All you need to do is find situations where there is value in lines and then bet to take advantage of that value. If you do that consistently over the long term then you will come out ahead. That’s easier said than done, of course, but there are some places where it is easier to find value than others. […]

Poor Mistakes on Football Rivalry Game Bets

Rivalry games are one of the biggest factors that make college football the great sport that it is. The intensity and emotion that can be felt when two bitter college rivals meet in an annual, hate-filled event is almost unmatched in sports. For college football handicappers these games are particularly compelling. the biggest rivalry games – Texas-Oklahoma, Michigan-Ohio state, Auburn-Alabama, Utah-BYU, USC-UCLA, Oregon-Oregon State and so on – are nationally televised events that are heavily covered in the media. The more […]

National Signing Day’s Impact on Sports Bettors

For hardcore college football fans national signing day is like Christmas in early February. A potentially cruel Christmas if your favorite school doesn’t land the high profile football prospects you crave. Or a truly fantastic Christmas if your NCAA teams reloads with blue chip talent. For sports bettors national signing day is an important day to keep an eye on, too – though it can easily be overvalued by bettors if they allow themselves to get swept up in the […]

How Sports Bettors Shouldn’t Evaluate National Signing Day

National signing day in college football is becoming a bigger and bigger media spectacle every year. For those who aren’t obsessed with the sport, national signing day, which falls early in February each year, is the first day that recruits for the next season can sign a letter of intent and officially accept their scholarship to a school. Up to that point their commitment – if they have made one – is only verbal and non-binding. College football coaches work […]

Summertime Mistakes for College Football Bettors

I love the summer for the weather and all the fun things to do, but there is a big part of me that just wants it to end. The summer is what stands between me and the glorious return of the college football season, so at times it just seems endless. If you are like me then you probably try to make time pass by devouring all of the information you can dig about about your NCAA teams and the […]

Finding Tips from College Football Summer Practice

College football doesn’t get a lot of attention from the general public until the first games are set to kick off. Before that, though, there are weeks of summer practice, and for college football bettors who are willing to pay attention and do a little bit of homework there is a big edge to be gained from paying some attention to what is going on in these practices. Thanks to the marvels of the Internet it is very easy to […]

Handling Late Season Unbeaten Football Teams

By the time we get about halfway through the college football season it’s about time to start taking unbeaten teams seriously. Expert college football bettors know when a NCAA football team wins six or seven games in a row they have started to show that they are serious, and that they have some potential to make some real noise down the stretch. Still, for bettors unbeaten teams can also be a bit of a headache. The betting public will pay more […]

Tips For Unbeaten College Football Matchup

By the time we get to the halfway point or so of the college football season the number of unbeaten teams has typically dwindled down to a handful or two. Most of those teams – unless they play in lesser NCAA conferences and have played very weak schedules – have realistic BCS ambitions that intensify with every win. Sometimes two of those unbeaten teams will play each other. That’s when we get fireworks. One football team is going to get […]

Underrated College Football Handicapping Factors

When people set out to handicap college football games there are predictable factors that they look at – the quality of the offenses and defenses, the matchups, the head coaches, and so on. Those are obviously significant and relevant. They are also what most people will be doing. One of the ways you can get an edge in your handicapping is by considering factors that most other people aren’t. There are countless underrated factors in college football handicapping that you […]

Betting Changes for College Football Night Games

College football is typically a game played in the bright sun of the afternoon. That’s how it is supposed to be, and tradition is such a big part of the sport. Every week, though, there are a couple of night games. Just a small fraction of games are night games, and in some leagues games played after dark are a real rarity. For the most part betting these games is just like betting any other – the rules are still […]

Finding College Football Upset Bets

There are few things more satisfying for college football bettors – and potentially profitable – than spotting a big upset and cashing a winning ticket on the underdog. If you aren’t careful, though, then chasing underdogs who don’t turn out is a quick way to go broke. You need to be very cautious when betting on big underdogs to be sure that they actually have a real chance of pulling off the upset. Here’s a look at six ways to […]

Adjusting for Poor Teams Headed Into Rivalry Game

Rivalry games are the best part of college football – especially the season ending rivalries steeped in tradition and hatred. Sometimes, though, those rivalry NCAA games lose a lot of their luster because both football teams come into them struggling. If the teams aren’t playing well then the game doesn’t have the same national attention and intensity it normally would. That can have a big impact on the game from a betting perspective. Here are six factors to consider in […]

How College Football Scandals Impact Your Bets

It seems like we are in the era of the scandal in college football. The list of teams that haven’t been under investigation at some point in the last decade is much shorter than those that have. Recruiting violations, players receiving benefits, contact with agents, improper training – the list of possibilities is long and varied. Since scandals have become so prevalent – and increasingly widespread – college football handicappers need to be particularly aware of what the impact is […]

College Football Season Win Total Bet Mistakes

Season win totals are a very interesting and increasingly popular way to bet on college football. The downside to the bets is that your money is tied up for the entire season. That complication can be very much worthwhile, though, if the value is there – and you can find some serious value in win totals. Unfortunately, it is also pretty easy to make some costly mistakes that can lock your money int a low value proposition if you aren’t […]

Spot Betting Risk During NCAA Football Fall Practice

There is no preseason in college football, so it can be hard for sports bettors to get a sense of how ready teams are before they play their first regular season game. Fall practice  It also doesn’t help that the media and fans are so excited for the season to start that they can’t help but be excited about any college football team that looks like they could be good. The trick for NCAA bettors who want to be successful is […]

Bettors Response to Graduating Football Players

One of the many things that makes college football both unique and so very interesting to handicap is the mass turnover each year caused by graduation and early departure for the NFL. The best football team in the country one year can be forced into a massive rebuilding project the next year if things work against them. You just don’t get change like that in other major sports. When players are lost to graduation or early departure – especially high […]

Impact of College Football Player Suspensions

Suspensions are a fact of life in college football, and it seems like they are more and more common these days. It seems like their is a new violation reported every day, media scrutiny is at an all-time high, and the pressure to clean up college football has never been more intense. It’s very common to see a player suspended by the school, the league, or the NCAA for a game or more, and this can often happen on short notice. […]

Handicapping College Football After Huge 1st Week

Most college football teams from major conferences don’t exactly challenge themselves in the first week of the season. There is no exhibition season, so teams will schedule an outmatched opponent to work out the kinks and get a reasonably safe taste of game action. That occasionally backfires, but most often it turns out about as you would expect. A few times each year, though, football teams decide to start their season with a big bang – we’ll see two ranked […]

Feasting on Lame Duck Bowl Coaches

An unfortunate reality of college football is that the time when teams are preparing for their bowl games is also the time when teams are making coaching changes and looking ahead to their next season and beyond. That means that there are several football teams that go into their bowl game with uncertainty or change in their coaching situation. It could be that they have fired their coach. In that case they may have the lame duck coach around for […]

Handling Football Teams After Humiliating Loss

Nine weeks into the 2011 college football season Stanford was 9-0, quarterback Andrew Luck was running away with the Heisman race, and the team looked like they had a real shot at playing for the national championship. There was really only one thing standing in their way – a home game against Oregon. The Ducks had lost their opening game of the season but were still among the best teams in the country. The football game essentially decided the Pac-12 […]

Judging Undefeated Two Win Football Teams

College football fans are fickle. It only takes a couple of wins to start the season for people to start to get impressed by a team, and it only takes one loss for a football team to get forgotten about. Before you get too excited about a team after they have opened their season with two wins you need to really evaluate what they have done. If you let yourself get carried away by the hype after a couple of wins […]

College Football Research Between Season & Bowl

There is a big gap between the last game of the regular college football season and the bowl game for a lot of teams. Football teams that don’t play in a conference championship game could be off for well over a month if they play in a post-New Year bowl game. There are lots of practices to be held in that time, and typically some time off for the team as well. Astute college football bettors can learn a lot […]

How to Profit from Coach Firings in College Football

It’s not at all uncommon to see a college football coach fired before his team’s season has ended. As the pressure and intensity increases in the sport it’s only going to happen more often. When it does happen the betting public tends to react in a predictable and consistent way – they overreact and expect the very worst. There are several reasons why that isn’t always the correct reaction to a college football coaching change. One of the biggest reasons […]

Impact of Conference Changes in College Football

For years the major conferences in college football were relatively stable, but now it seems we can’t go a single year without significant changes to the alignment of at least one conference and often more. Every time the NCAA conferences are tweaked or shaken up college football handicappers have to come to terms with the new reality. Sometimes those changes are not significant, but other times they very much are. Here are five factors for  college football bettors to consider when attempting […]

Finding Edges on College Football Conference Parity

Sometimes in college football it can seem like parity has a conference in a stranglehold. Strong teams win or lose from week to week as if games are determined by the flip of a coin, and everything handicappers think they know gets thrown out the window at the end of every game. It can be very frustrating for sports bettors because the landscape is always changing. In order to give yourself the best chance of success when things seem unclear and […]

Dealing With A Big Early Loss In College Football

College football teams take a huge risk if they schedule a big game against another top level team to start the season – namely, they could lose. A loss early in the season puts them in a huge hole with the whole season still in front of them. For football handicappers dealing with the losers of these season opening big games can be a real headache. Sometimes a team can feel no real ill effects from the loss – they just […]

Sports Betting Impact of Sanctioned NCAA Teams

Thanks to schools like USC and Ohio State we know a lot more about the impact of major violations on top level college football programs than we used to, and more than we probably ever wished we knew. Because NCAA sanctions at high level programs get so much media attention they are obviously going to have an impact on how the teams are perceived and how people bet on them . Successful college football bettors, then, need to be able […]

Handicapping Tips for College Football Teams After Bad Loss

College football can be a very unforgiving sport for teams. The season is so short and the postseason opportunities so limited that one high profile loss can entirely derail a season and spell an end to the hopes and ambitions of a team. If that loss comes early in the season then it can be particularly deflating because it can feel like the team has nothing left to play for. For college football handicappers one of the biggest challenges after a […]

Bad Betting Reactions to Football Opening Games

When you are betting on college football one of the big challenges is that there are no preseason games. Training camps often aren’t particularly open to the public or media, either. It can be very challenging, then, to have an accurate sense of what a team is capable of before the regular season starts. It only makes sense, then, that bettors have to assess and adjust their opinions right after teams have played their first games. While that is an […]

Planning College Football Bets After Huge Upset Win

If you are a college football fan then you can surely think of cases where David has killed Goliath – where a heavy, heavy favorite has fallen in a very unlikely and unexpected way to an underdog that didn’t seem to have any chance of winning the game. The media understandably loves situations like these, and the football games typically get a whole lot of coverage – especially if the team that was upset had national championship aspirations that were […]

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