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Betting on BCS Games, Better Adjust Strategy

It’s the start of the college football bowl season, but a lot of games will be played before the big ones – the BCS games – get underway. In a lot of ways the BCS games are just like every other bowl game. Those five games are unique in some keys ways, though, and recognizing how they are unique can help college football handicappers avoid mistakes and make it easier for you to cash in some winning bets. Here are […]

When Is the Best Time to Bet on BCS Futures

As far as I am concerned February is the most interesting time to bet on college football’s BCS futures. The lines are still fresh enough that there can be mistakes and opportunities because the public hasn’t heavily bet on them yet. On the other hand, though, enough change has happened that we have a much better sense of what teams will look like next season than we had even a couple of weeks before. Any players that are leaving early […]

Why Smart Sports Bettors Like BCS Futures ASAP

The stadium isn’t even empty after the BCS Championship game each year before the future odds for the next BCS Championship are posted at many sportsbooks. There really aren’t a lot of reasons you would want to tie your money up a full year by making one of these bets when there is a whole lot of uncertainty involved. That doesn’t mean that these futures aren’t interesting and potentially useful to look at, though. Here are four reasons for college […]

Profiting From Bowl Games Between BCS Games

The tail end of the college bowl season creates a strange scheduling situation. There are five BCS bowl games. The first four bowls – the Rose, Fiesta, Orange and Sugar – Are lumped together and played over a few days. The last game – the BCS National Championship game – exists on an island. It is played in the site of one of those other games, and it comes several days after the other games. In order to fill the […]

Judging Motivation Level for Bowl Games

There is no bigger single factor in handicapping college bowl games than motivation. That sounds like a bold statement, but it is absolutely true. The usual suspects are important – matchups, the caliber of the coaching, the talent levels, the schemes and so on – but none are as important as how ready and eager the teams are to be in the game, and how that has affected their preparations. Bowl games are entirely unique in North American sports because […]

Conference Strength & Handicapping Bowl Games

When it comes to handicapping college football bowl games conference strength can either be a big help or a very misleading factor depending on the circumstances. Later in bowl season chances are pretty good that for each team playing in a game there will be have been several other teams from the same conference that have already played their games. Here’s a look at three ways in which that can be useful, and three ways that it can be not […]

Overrated Betting Factors When Handicapping Bowl Games

There are at least two weeks between the last significant college football games of the regular season and the first bowl games. Time to think is often the enemy of handicappers – the more time they have, the more they will think about things that could be significant, and the better the chance that they will wind up confusing themselves. This time allows devoted college football handicappers to look at every possible aspect of bowl matchups. They will inevitably start […]

Hidden Betting Clues For Winning Bowl Games

We looked earlier at overrated factors in bowl handicapping – things the public just gives too much credit to. These include things like the past record of football coaches in bowls, the team’s record in bowl games, past meetings between teams, and lingering injuries. Since we looked on that side it only makes sense to look at the other – the underrated factors that don’t get enough attention from most bettors who get swept up in bowl fever. For college […]

Betting Research For College Football Bowl Games

We’re in a dead zone in college football – the two week gap between the conference championship games and the first bowl games. There’s an even longer gap between the conference championships and bowl games that most people care about. There is lots of other sporting action to occupy your betting time during that gap, but smart football bettors will also use the time to prepare to dominate the bowl season. Here are six things college football handicappers can be doing […]

Betting Impact On Empty Stadiums Bowl Games

Critics of the bowl system in college football would argue that there are too many bowl games. I don’t agree – the more the merrier in my mind. There’s no doubt, though, that there are some bowl games that just aren’t embraced by the community they are played in or the fans of the schools playing in them. Every year, especially early in the bowl schedule or in the non-BCS games at the end of the schedule, you can tune […]

Handicapping First Year Coaches In Bowl Games

Turnover in the coaching ranks in college football is a frequent fact of life. With so many schools looking for a better answer every year it is inevitable that several coaches that are hired are in their first year as a head coach. Many of those college coaches will struggle, but some will be lucky enough to lead their team to a bowl game. For handicappers it is a challenge to determine how a coach who has never coached in […]

Betting Issues On Smaller Football Bowl Games

As bowl season nears college football handicappers are faced with a decision – should they bet on all of the small bowl games that come along, or should they hold out for the bigger games with the big name teams? I’m a bowl junkie, so there has never been a bowl game played that I couldn’t get at least a little excited about. More significantly, though, I would choose to bet on smaller bowls almost every time over the big […]

Betting Clues From Football Bowl Announcements

The day after the league championship games end in early December is a big day for college football bettors. That’s the day in which the bowl assignments are all announced and we know for sure which teams will be playing where. That’s also the first day that odds will be posted for those games. Smart bettors know that there can be some real opportunities when those odds are first posted, but only if you are prepared and know what to […]

Handicapping Changes For Football Bowl Games

My favorite part of the sports calendar –  the college bowl season – will be underway before we know it. It’s popular these days to bash bowls and support a football playoff. I’m not entirely opposed to a playoff, but only as long as the bizarre and pleasingly awkward spectacle that is the bowl season still survives in some regard. There’s something incredibly pleasing about having a game almost every day for three weeks or so – and more than […]

Biggest BCS Betting Mistakes To Avoid

The BCS bowls get more attention from the media and the betting public every year than the other bowls combined, even though there are only five BCS bowls and almost 30 other bowls. The betting public is understandably drawn to these games far more than the rest, as well. Whenever there is more betting interest in a particular game you can be sure that there are going to be more betting mistakes made as well. Here are five big mistakes […]

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