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At Maddux Sports we are in the business of making bettors money while educating you along the way. Unlike most sports services we guarantee all of our packages to profit or equal time is free of charge. Some services offer their buyers money back if they don't win which they can do since they are scamdicappers running 50 different websites and when you give both sides of the games out 1/2 of the websites will win.

We decided to pick a happy median where some sort of free service is entitled for a poor performance by our handicappers. We hope most of you know that is it impossible to win everyday and things like 70% winners don't exist and understand that a realistic winning percentage can lead to tremendous amounts of wealth. When we get replies like you guys are killing us we shake our heads cause we don't focus on a day to day basis and hope you can learn not to as well. Below we will outline the rules of this guarantee.

First rule is no matter how much we make whether it be .01 units or 50 units for your term, you will not be given free service. Just as if we lose 0.1 units or 50 units you will be given equal time free of charge. This is regardless of how much you bet per game and or how much you paid for the package. The standard -110 juice will be applied into all win/loss records for your term.

For all sports except football if you purchase a single days picks and we fail to profit, the next days picks for that sport will be sent to your email address no questions asked. There will only be one free term given for each package, regardless of how much you have lost on the package. For example if you lose 3 units the first day and win 2 units on the next day your term will end and no more free picks will be sent.

For football everything is the same with the exception of Saturday's picks since some people dont that bet college football dont bet the NFL. If we fail to profit on Saturday you will get the next days picks that contain college football picks.

If we lost 1 unit the first day and we lost 2 units the 2nd day, the term is over and no more picks will be sent for free. Back to back losses will happen we know this but we don't offer more than 1 days worth of picks for free on daily signups. A lot of you may give up on us at that point and if so we wish you luck in finding another honest and knowledgeable service that can pick winners long term.

We feel that way because there are winning and losing streaks along the way and that anyone serious about sports betting should be signed up for the full season and be betting daily. Those are the type of players that we are trying to turn you into. Informed and knowledge players with realistic expectations looking to make money long term.

In our opinion players that are daily sign ups on Saturday or Sunday are losing out on the best lines and value available. It is so hard to beat the books long term and we are trying to do our best to help to get you thinking long term. We still love helping the daily signups out and as long as you can adhere to our guarantee policy when you cant get the lines we have posted you will still make money betting our picks just not as much as season members.

Anything over the daily package you will need to contact us. If you feel that we have not turned a profit simply email us the details of your package and how much you are down. We will verify your records against ours and if you are correct your free term will begin immediately. Please note guarantees on season packages are only available on full price purchases, meaning early bird and combo prices do not qualify as the package is extremely discounted.

We take our lines from the respected sportsbooks on our website. We feel that these sportsbooks offer a number of different bonuses, excellent customer service, reduced juice, and a variance in lines. At the time we send out the emails to our season clients all the lines posted are available at the sportsbooks listed on our website. We feel that anyone who is serious about sports investing should have multiple sportsbook accounts.

We have no control over which way the lines move. Sometimes the lines may move so you receive a better line than we do and vice versa. The guarantee will be honored on the lines posted in the email.

Please note there is no gray area in this system and all decisions are final. With that being said welcome to the number 1 sports pick service on the web. We wish good luck on all your wagers and thanks for choosing

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We have plenty of sports betting information at and we have listed a portion of it below. Read up on all you can so you have the greatest advantage over the bookmaker this season! We have recently started to offer tennis, nascar, and golf wagering guides so we are currently working on writing up more articles on those small market sports and will include them to this section.

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