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Below the tutorial are live golf betting lines. If you arlready know how golf betting odds work, you can skip down to the posted odds and start betting today.

Golf Wagering — The Odds on Bet to Win and the Match-Up Bet

Golf betting, namely PGA betting, offers numerous opportunities for gamblers looking to wager every week throughout the year. Professional tournaments are held from January to December and there are various ways in which you can wager, including futures, betting to win and match-up wagers.

When you wager on a player on many sites you can collect money if they place anywhere from first to fourth place. With this type of wager, you would have the opportunity to either put money on someone to “win” or to “show.” If you bet on Tiger Woods to win, the odds would be around six to one (+600), depending on how he is currently playing and what event, the odds could be much lower on Tiger. (Read our Golf Picks page for more information on the handicapping aspect of PGA tour betting). Put $100 on Woods to “win” the tournament and if he does, you collect $600 plus the original $100 you staked is returned.

Bet on Woods to “show” and that means if he places anywhere from first to fourth you get a payoff. Odds for a show bet would be lower since there’s less risk involved. Thus, a show wager on Woods might be two to one. If Woods comes in either first, second, third or fourth that same $100 now on a show bet would pay $200 plus the original $100 you put on Woods, for a total payoff of $300. Please note different sportsbooks have different rules for the show bet, some only pay the top 3 spots, others is 4.

If for some reason the golfer doesn’t start the tournament, the wager is a push and your money is refunded. Once the golfer tees off in round one, the bet is on even if they don’t make the cut.

The match-up bet, which matches one golfer’s play against another’s, works differently. Bookmakers create the match-up, with the idea being whoever finishes higher within the grouping by the end of the tournament is the winner. If there’s a match listed between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson it would look similar to this:

Memorial Tournament Match-up Money PGA Golf Betting Line

Phil Mickelson +160

Tiger Woods -190

If you bet on Woods and he finishes ahead of Mickelson, then you win. The player whose line is listed as a negative or minus (-) is favored in the match. In the above example, to win $100 on Woods, you must risk $190. If Woods wins, then you get a total payoff of $290 ($190 original wager and the $100 profit). The player whose line is a positive (+) is the underdog. Thus, with Mickelson, if you lay down $100 and he finishes higher than Woods, you would win $160 and get a total of $260 back. When you put money on the golfer that’s likely to win, you risk more and get less of a return.

Some match-ups feature one golfer—a favored one—against two or three others. With this type of match, you might have Woods against Mickelson and Vijay Singh. You win if Woods’ lowest score once compared to whichever player finished best in the tournament-- Mickelson or Singh—is better than that particular golfer. This is a tougher bet to win than the one-on-one match-up, since Woods must in essence do better than two other golfers.

This is the manner in which odds perform when it comes to win or show betting and match-up opportunities. Some sites also offer obscure bets, especially for the more prestigious tournaments that attract greater amounts of golf betting action and public attention.

Now that you have read the golf odds explanation see if this makes any sense as Bodog's live golf betting lines are posted below.


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