Wild and Wacky MLB Playoff Senarios

A few months ago just about every MLB expert on the planet claimed that the AL Wild Card would come from the Central Division, due to the high number of victories by three teams– Detroit, Chicago and Minnesota. This year, numerous folks said, only the winner of the AL East would be in the playoffs and not, as in the past, the second place team as the Wild Card.

Not so fast! Chicago and Minnesota, as of today, are 63- 43 & 62-45, while the AL Redsox are 64-43. The leaders in each division are Detroit at 68 – 33 (believe it or not–were they your futures team?) and NY with a 64-41 record. Chicago, Minnesota and Detroit could pummel each other enough to allow the Yanks or Red Sox a strong second place finish in a weaker division that would put both AL East teams in the post-season once again. Remember, as the end of the season draws near, teams play within their division more often.


The AL West is anybody’s race. They’ll go down to the finish.


Most of the NL looks like less of a race and more of a jog with the Mets in control of the NL East and the Cards and Reds in good stead for the NL Central crown and Wild Card. The NL West is tight, with everyone still having a chance at winning the division.


So who’s going to falter? Yanks or Red Sox?


Can the White Sox repeat?


Do the Twins have enough to go all the way?


When will the Tigers wake up and realize they’re a last place club?


Do the Mets have the amazin’ magic this year?


Is Atlanta really out of it?


Can Houston mount a comeback?


Does it really matter who wins the weak AL or NL West divisions? None of those teams can win the World Series. Right?

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  1. the yankees will go farther than the red sox because they have a strong core of players. the red sox are relying on a young catcher and an old catcher that hasnt even played back to back games.
    the sox wont repeat because they wont even get into the postseason
    yesthe twins have plenty of talent and they will most likly go on to either be in the world series or win the series because they have excellent starting pitching and a strong reliable catcher on the offensive and defensive side.
    The tigers wont wake up and realize that they dont have real talent until the postseason. But right now they have a lot of heart and are playing excellent baseball.
    The mets are the best in the NL and will prove themselves when they reach the post season. Its sure nice to have a huge payroll.
    Atlantas done for. their record is 51-59 and their 15 games back in the division and not even close in the wild card.
    Houston has a recor of being a second half team but they gotta start winning soon if they want to play in october.
    No teams from the NL or AL west will win the series. The series matchup will be the Twins and Mets. the Mets will prevail riding on their veterans.


  2. It’s going to come down to pitching– starters, middle relief and closers. With that in mind, the twins look good. The Red Sox aren’t in bad shape, especially if Wells can come back.

    The Mets do have the best team but Houston has Clemens. The Dodgers have been hotter than hot.

    The final month– especially in terms of the health of each teams pitching staff– will determine it all. If arms start to go dead, all the hitting and heart in the world won’t win a game.

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