Wednesday Notes

Well, I hadn’t been too excited about baseball for a while now, but that all changed yesterday afternoon. What a freaking ball game that was! It was like watching a boxing match – punch and counter-punch all night long. It’s been a long while since I have enjoyed a game so much. Now it will be interesting to see what happens tonight in New York. The Yankees have been handed tonight’s game on a silver platter – an emotionally and likely physically exhausted team with nasty travel and a depleted bullpen. They will be humiliated if they can’t take advantage of it.

I love the deal the Jets made this morning. Love it. If you missed it they picked up Braylon Edwards from the Browns for a couple of role players and a third and a fifth round pick. I’m admittedly biased because Edwards is a Michigan man, but I am thoroughly convinced by his talent. Like most receivers he is flaky and has a bad attitude, but he can flat out play. He’ll be energized by escaping the circus of Cleveland and by playing for a contender. The Jets get a big play receiver who opens up a deep threat for Sanchez for the first time and who adds a whole new dimension to the offense for opposing defenders to worry about. I think that it is a marriage made in heaven, but even if it isn’t the Jets didn’t give up much and they only have Edwards signed through this year. I think he’ll make a quick impact, and I could see him wearing green and white for a long time now. Personally, I’m also relieved because I now have no reason at all to care about the Browns.

I chuckled this morning when I saw that Michael Crabtree had finally come to his senses and signed with the Niners. I haven’t found the terms of the contract yet, but I can’t wait to see them. Given how quickly it happened and that Crabtree went to the team, my guess is that he didn’t sign fr much more than he was offered back in June. It really makes you wonder what the point of this whole thing was. He will reportedly start practicing with the team today. It will be interesting to see how he is received, how quickly he makes the starting lineup, and whether he can have much of an impact this year after missing so much time. If he can then theNiners could certainly use the deep threat that he brings to the field. He would add another dimension to that offense – now Vernon Davis is the only really scary receiving threat. You can call me hopeful but cautiously pessimistic about this one.

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