Wednesday Notes

Very interesting things are going on in Dallas right now. Jerry Jones had to come out and give an suspiciously strong endorsement of Tony Romo this week. He was forced to do so because Tony Dorsett became the latest former Dallas star to throw the quarterback under the bus. Dorsett didn’t mince any words in his criticism of Romo. And here’s the interesting thing – in a lot of ways he was right. Romo has been cast as a QB superstar largely because of where he plays and who he dates, but he doesn’t yet have the numbers or the trophies to justify being called an elite player. Jones had better hope that Romo starts to turn his game around quickly, because this is one of those situations that could turn ugly if he doesn’t. It’s yet another layer of drama for a team that has already had more of that than it can probably stand.

I love this story out of Oregon. After the debacle at Boise State, an Oregon alumni was so disgusted by the performance that he sent coach Chip Kelly an e-mail and his invoice for travel expenses for attending the game – $439. Kelly chose to respond with a risky but effective approach – he sent him a personal check for the full amount. The guy was so impressed by the action, and taken aback by it, that he sent Kelly the check back along with a note of thanks. Kelly proved he’s a wily guy – not easy to get someone to thank you for getting pounded in embarrassing fashion. Now if only Kelly can start to show some of that wile on the field. This week against Cal would be a good time to do so.

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson is a strange, strange man. He now says that he is done fighting and is instead going to become an actor. He already has a big role in the bag – he’ll be playing B.A. in the remake of The ‘A’ Team. Jackson is a very talented fighter, and he probably has another title shot in him, but he’s made it pretty clear that he’s not all there mentally. He’s still under contract so there will be a legal fight, but there’s no way of knowing how it will turn out. Strange story.

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