UFC on Fox 2 – Betting Preview Part 3 & Main Event

These last two fights are at 8:45 and 9 PM EST

UFC on Fox 2 will wrap up with these two fights. Betting odds are taken from Bovada.lv

Chael Sonnen (-450) vs. Michael “The Count” Bisping (+325)

Bisping has been talking a lot of trash, but Sonnen has chosen to let his fighting do the talking, which is probably smart since he’s the better fighter anyway…Bisping was originally scheduled to take on Maia, but accepted this fight on just 11 days notice, because he THINKS he’s going to win.

Bisping may be cocky because he has won his last four fights, but he hasn’t fought a top 5 middleweight fghter since Dan Henderson at UFC 100, and he predictably lost.

Sonnen’s take down abilities and his improved submission skills should enable him to win ths fight as he is heavily favored to, and even at the unrewarding odds, I would still confidently lay down a bet on the favorite and reap the rewards as he fights a haughty yet mediocre fighter in Bisping.

Rashad “Suga” Evans (-200) vs. Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis (+160)

“Suga” Evans is dying to fight Greg Jackson, but first he must dispose of Mister Wonderful. Davis had an outstanding wrestling career at Penn State and needs to get Evans to the mat to have any chance here. Evans is a far better striker.

Davis is only a blue belt in jiu jistu, but he is a great athlete and wrestler, which should prevent a submission loss anyway. Moreover, Evans hasn’t won by submission in nearly eight years. Evans has also fought better competition.

Davis’ victory over Rogerio Noguiera was impressive, and he is 9-0, but Evans should win this one by decision anyway, but must be careful not to look to far ahead past this fight. Business must first be taken care of here before he can get back to a title fight.

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2 Comments for “UFC on Fox 2 – Betting Preview Part 3 & Main Event”

  1. Alex

    Just read Part 2 and it was very inciteful. Then I get to Part 3 and I don’t know if you’ve ever even watched MMA. Bisping accepted the Sonnen fight because he knows he’s going to win? He’s going to get crushed. And why does Evans want to fight Greg Jackson? Jackson is his former coach and mentor who has never even stepped in the cage. He wants Jon Jones and the title.

  2. Brett David Roberts

    Thanks for the comment. I should have written “THINKS” he is going to win. Horrible word choice there on my part; my apologies.

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