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I spend a lot of time on the Internet. A lot of time. Probably too much time. While I am spending a lot of time reading about sports, I also spend a fair bit of time looking around for good resources to learn about sports betting. As you probably know if you have looked for information for yourself, there is a lot of crap out there. Sports betting seems to attract a lot of people who are just interesting in duping people with scams, ridiculous offers, and horrible advice. If you look around, though, there is some good information to be found. Here’s a couple of things that are definitely worth a look:

1. This one is self-promoting, but there’s nothing wrong with that if the resource is useful. Our own Sal from here at has been working with Chad Millman, ESPN’s sports betting writer, to create the Sweat Index, a measure of how college basketball teams perform against the spread. That followed the Balls Index which measures college football team’s average line and what that says about their dominance. Both measures are very interesting, and they have evolved over time to become more valuable and more interesting. Besides these resources, Millman does a pretty good job of interviewing people in the sports betting industry and getting insights that aren’t always available. To read his work there is a catch, though – you have to be a member of ESPN Insider, and that costs you a couple of bucks a month. I’ve been a member for a long time and I think that it’s totally worth it for the extra articles and video you get access to.

If you are an Insider member you can access the latest Sweat Index HERE.

2. As I was looking around recently I came across this checklist, and I was pretty impressed. It’s a very good way to assess what you are doing well with your sports betting, and what you could be doing better. When you get the checklist you also get a subscription to a free weekly newsletter, and it’s good as well. The guy isn’t selling anything or giving picks or anything like that. He’s just working on becoming a better, smarter sports bettor. Well worth grabbing and spending a few minutes looking over.

You can grab The Sports Betting Checklist HERE.

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