T.O. a No Show Once Again

It’s old news in a new setting. The talented Terrell Owens is making more waves by not being on the playing field than he ever has on the field. According to the Associated Press, Owens has missed 15 of 27 Cowboy practices. So– are we about to see him take down yet another team?

The other day Owens took a shot at Bill Parcells saying that the reason his hamstring was bothering him again was that he ran too many routes when he recently came back. Parcells has been relatively quiet about Owens’ being absent, making some veiled references to his wide receiver’s lack of work.
Owens will not play in this week’s pre-season game and he may not make the final contest, meaning he will get to opening day without ever connecting with QB Drew Bledsoe in a game.
But that doesn’t seem to bother T.O. at all. The AP reported that Owens said, “I don’t really have any doubts about if I’m going to perform or not.”

Although he’s been complaining about his hamstring for the entire month and taking time off to nurse it, an MRI revealed no injury. The AP reported that Owens defended himself saying, “Just because the MRI doesn’t show anything, that doesn’t mean that I’m not hurting.”

Bill Parcells is a no nonsense guy. Drew Bledsoe is a true professional. What do you think the chemistry is between these three guys? And what about former bad boy Terry Glenn, who has been so consistent in his attitude since going to work for Parcells and the Cowboys?

If anyone is willing to give you odds, you can bet that Parcells won’t let Owens get away with his prima donna attitude. Look for the Big Tuna to restrict T.O.’s playing time at the beginning of the season. And to ride him whenever he does anything wrong and give him very little praise for doing something right. Will Parcells bench him? Quite possibly.

I doubt that a coach like Parcells will allow Owens to destroy the Cowboys’ chances for winning. He’s a “my way or the highway” type of leader. Which mean that drivers may want to look for T.O. on the interstate leaving Irving, Texas. He may be hitchhiking sooner than later.

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