The T.O. Saga Continues

Terrell Owens was just recently fined $9500 by the Dallas Cowboys for missing a team meeting as well as missing a rehab workout.  Owens has not practiced much at as well during fall camp and Bill Parcells seems to be losing his patience.  When a reporter asked him if he would play a player who hasn’t practiced, he replied defiantly that no he would not and asked the reporter to rethink his question.  All indications right now seem all too familiar but the difference in Dallas is the fact that Bill Parcells is the head coach.

Parcells is a no-nonsense guy and you can tell he is very agitated at the situation.  He says that T.O. won’t play if he doesn’t practice which has been his attitude throughout his career.  However, Parcells is in his sixties and coming near the end of his career and for sure wants another Super Bowl title.  It’s safe to say that Parcells is aware that the likelihood of that happening without Terrell Owens is very slim.  So Parcells finds himself in a catch 22.  Drew Bledsoe and Terry Glenn have looked great in the pre-season but T.O. on the field makes this team a legitimate contender.  Owens can be the catalyst to putting them over the top.

Owens and Parcells appear to be in the midst of a stand off right now.  Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys brought T.O. in, thus making him Jones’ guy.  This situation could get very ugly by season’s end which may force Jones into making a decision in whether he should keep Parcells or Owens.  I know we haven’t even seen a regular season game played yet but this summer seems to be the beginning of another T.O. explosion.  Parcells’ only weapon against T.O. is playing time but even if Owens does play who knows how long it will take him to start another locker room fiasco if things don’t go his way.

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