Ten Thoughts From The NFL Debut

The long wait is over and the NFL season is here. Sort of. I’m not entirely sure that that mess of a game tonight is worthy of being called an NFL game. It was hard to stay awake through that one, and it didn’t even start late.On the plus side, it can only get better from here. As I was watching, here are ten thoughts that came to mind:

1. I may have to start giving Plaxico Burress more credit. He sat out and pouted for the preseason, so he shouldn’t have been ready for the game tonight. Instead, he was by far the best player on the field and he had a career high 10 receptions. He still annoys me, but he’s certainly a game changer.

2. Jason Taylor fell flat. He was brought in to be a big boost for the Washington defense, but he was virtually invisible. I can only assume that he isn’t entirely right after his injury in preseason. He’ll need to be much better if this team wants to do anything.

3. The Giants were awful in the second half. They still were beter than Washington, but drives were stalling and they look disinterested and often confused. This does not look like a team poised at the beginning of a dynasty.

4. New York didn’t look like they were missing Strahan and Omenyiora nearly as much as I thought they might. Between Justin Tuck and the tackles they were able to keep the Washington line pressured.

5. I’m not sure I have the capability to like or respect Eli Manning, but he sure didn’t do a lot tonight to change my mind. If it weren’t for Burress he would have really been in trouble. He was fine, but he certainly didn’t do anything to make me think that he is elite, and he didn’t do enough to take advantage of a Washington defense that was primed to be taken advantage of.

6. Jim Zorn has an awful lot of work to do before that team is even remotely competent in his offense. That was terrible. Or maybe the team is just terrible.

7. Wasn’t this supposed to be year that Jason Campbell showed how good he can be? I want to believe he can be good, but that takes a leap of faith right now.

8. Nice clock management down the stretch, Washington. Ugly.

9. The Giants only won three at home last year, so taking care of this one has to be a good boost for them – especially since it is against a division rival.

10. The favorites and the under have never lost this year. I smell a trend!

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