Super Bowl New York Versus New England

Finally, the big game is almost here. We are on the cusp of finally seeing if the New England Patriots, who seem to have become the New York Yankees of the NFL, can have a perfect season and post season or if the New York Giants will pull a Partiot-like Super Bowl upset.

The point spread is somewhere between 12 and 12.5 points.

This week has had it’s share of controversy and offered many questions. Here’s what’s up a few hours before the New York Giants face the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady’s ankle/foot injury was a concern for some time. Yes, he wore a “boot� for a few days—a kind of cast. But then he was seen wearing cowboy boots and recently word has come out that New England’s #12 was just fine and ready to play.

Plaxico Burress, who has guaranteed a New York victory, is hurt with a bad knee on one leg and injured ankle on the other. He missed another practice in Friday. Most feel that he will play, although he’s questionable. He’s played with these same injuries all season. Look for the Giants’ leading receiver to be in the big game. He could make one, two, three or more big catches.

Eli Manning has only thrown one interception in his last four games and is the top rated QB in the playoffs this year. The question is—will he implode as he has in the past in big games? He tends to have a bad game every three or four and is due to have one. But Eli Manning seems to have matured a lot as of late. The skinny here is if the Pats frontline can pressure him, he will make mistakes. If not, he could have a field day.

The Giants have a lot to prove. They blew the regular season game versus the Pats and they are the underdogs. There’s a “bring it on� mentality amongst the New York players.

The Patriots, once again, feel abused and disrespected. They play best with a chip on their shoulder. Burress’ comments plus Senator Arlen Spector’s call this week for an investigation into Spy Gate and how the NFL commissioner handled it and a new claim that the Pats taped the Rams final walk through prior to their big Super Bowl upset have given the Pats “they’re disrespecting us� material.

Coughlin (NY) versus Belichick (NE)—who’s better? Coughlin is a great disciplinarian and smart coach. He can beat Belichick. But Belichick has three Super Bowl wins and a whole lot of savvy. At some crucial moment look for Bill B. to out coach Tom C.

The head trip on the Pats due to the recent allegations is a factor? Forget it, New England has one focus—winning and proving all nay sayers wrong and sticking it to those who call them the Hatriots. There’s a big ground swell versus the Pats amongst football fans. It will only help the Pats.

So—12.5 favorites? Can that be true about the Pats. It’s probably more likely than it was a week ago. We’ll see tonight.

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