Sunday Night NFL Quick Hits

Brett Favre should retire tomorrow. Actually, he should have retired a year ago, but it’s too late for that. He was pathetic today. Not at all good.

His coach should retire, too.

The Browns didn’t waste any time. GM Phil Savage is out the door already, and coach Romeo Crennel is rumored to be right behind him. It’s a miracle that it took this long. The way the Browns played today, it looked as if Crennel had already packed it in.

If Herm Edwards has a job past this week then there is something wrong with the world.

I feel very bad for the Pats. The Chargers should give them their spot.

Dallas should fold.

My Bucs should be disgusted with themselves. I am certainly disgusted with them. The Raiders?!?!?!?!?!?

I will believe that Big Ben is healthy only after I have seen him take ten snaps and look convincing in the playoffs. I’m not holding my breath.

Good work Detroit. I knew you had it in you.

This Bill-Parcells-as-potential-free-agent story is the most ridiculous, meaningless thing I have heard in a while. Or at least I hope it is. That guy is ridiculous, but this is too much even for him. Isn’t it?

Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan both in the playoffs as rookies. If you say you saw that one coming at the start of the season then I am calling you a liar.

Mike Singletary got the full-time gig with the Niners. Well-deserved. He won five of his last seven with the same team that looked like a minor league squad the first half of the year under Mike Nolan.

The supposedly potent Titans’ defense made Jim Sorgi look pretty darned good today. Oops. I’m willing to give them a bit of a pass because the game was meaningless, but only a bit.

Way to go, Denver. Such an impressive finish to the season. You have shocking amounts of pride.

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