Seven Monday Thoughts

James Blake lost at Wimbledon already. I won’t spend anymore time dwelling on the pathetic state of American men’s tennis – you know the drill. Roger Federer won, too, and he made it look easy. I was a little bit concerned at the start because he looked a bit lethargic for the first few points, but then I realized that it was his first grass match of the year and I was less concerned. By the middle of the first set his legs were back under him and he looked very good. He rolled to an easy win, and gave us no reason to doubt his ability to win it all.

That final round of the US Open was painful to watch. No one seemed to want to win. It was ugly. There are lots of questions that came out of it, but the biggest one is this – how in the world is it possible for Mickelson to have five second place finishes in the U.S. Open and no wins? A word comes to mind, and it rhymes with poke.

I think my favorite part of the round was Lucas Glover’s wife.

Jimmy Buffet has a marketing partnership with the Dolphins, and now Gloria Estafan has reportedly bought a piece of the team. Insert your own joke here.

There was a very interesting note in Peter King’s column this morning. Apparently this is the first offseason that Roy Williams has ever done a weight program. Apparently he just hasn’t lifted weights before at all. That leads to the question that King asks, though I ask it more forcefully – what the hell is going on in Detroit? It’s not a wonder that they are such a mess if this is true.

It was interesting to see that Donald Fehr stepped down as the head of the MLBPA today. It shouldn’t mean major changes because he named his successor, and he’s an insider who has been there for a long time. Still, any time a change like this is made there is a change in tone and direction. The NHLPA went through a similar change last year, and it was very positive, so we can hope for the best here. If nothing else, maybe the change can signal a change in the approach to steroids and can get us past this current, lousy era.

A-Rod is reportedly going to take one day off a week for the next while to try to get over his fatigue. In other news, A-Rod is a big, pathetic pansy.

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  1. Did you hear about the Irish bookies? It’s called paddi power or something – lost over a million dollars because a lot of people had Lucas Glover at 175-to-1. Some radio guys said Glover was his pick and he cashed in.

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