Saturday Notes

I just finished watching the first quarter of the de facto Big East Championship game. What a great, exciting quarter. I have no idea who is going to win it – presumably the last team to touch the ball. All I know for sure is that Pitt is looking very good. Maybe DaveWannstedt can coach after all. Games like this one are why I love college football more than any sport.

I’m at least as excited about the SEC Championship game in a couple of hours. I think that Alabama will win, but I have little confidence in that – every time I look at it in a different way I come up with a different answer.

Though college football is the star today, there are some sports stories from the last couple of days that are worth noting:

Flyers fire John Stevens
– I wasn’t expecting Philly to make a move yet, but I am glad that they did. Stevens is a decent coach, but it was pretty clear that he had lost the locker room. The Flyers are probably the most talented team in the East top to bottom, yet they are just barely staying above .500. Peter Laviolette comes in as the replacement, and that’s an excellent choice. Laviolette is a Cup winner in Carolina, and he’s a no-nonsense type. He’ll get it done, and after a bit of a transition period I expect them to rise right back into contention.

Dan LeFevour is a beast
– This isn’t the first time I have touched on my man-crush on Dan LeFevour, but he certainly deserves recognition now. Yesterday, en route to winning the MAC Championship over Ohio, LeFevour scored two TDs and set the all-time record for TDs in a career with 148. By comparison, Tim Tebow has 140. LeFevour was pretty banged up last year and missed two games and parts of two others, so this is an impressive achievement. I really hope someone gives LeFevour a shot in the pros.

Notre Dame sucks
– It doesn’t take much for me to be annoyed with Notre Dame, so if you are a fan take this with a grain of salt. I just hate it, though, when teams decide not to play in a bowl game. I understand that they fired their coach and all, but I still think that a team with any pride and self respect would know that bowls are fleeting and that they should play in one when they earn the chance – even if it’s going to be a tiny bowl well before Christmas.

Chone Figgins is a Mariner
– I love this move for Seattle. Figgins is a very legitimate leadoff hitter who just knows how to get on base. He’s also a third baseman, so this deals with the pending loss of Adrian Beltre. I’d take Figgins over Beltre. I’ve read some criticism from people suggesting that it doesn’t make sense to get a leadoff hitter when you already have a great one in Ichiro. I’m not buying that at all. They’ll find a way to make them work together, and I really don’t see how it is a bad thing to have two guys early on in your lineup who are masterful at getting on base. There are certainly worse problems to have.

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