Pitying Brad Lidge, And Other Things

I love how short people’s attention spans are and how fleeting their loyalty is. Coming into this season Tim Tebow was the golden child. He was headed to an almost certain national championship. the Heisman was his to lose, and he was being talked about as the best college player ever. He has a rough game against Tennessee, though, and all of a sudden articles pop up everywhere about his faults and how he has never really looked like a QB who could compete on the next level. One article I read even suggested that his NFL position could be safety. It’s all just funny – he’s the same QB now that he was before the season started, and he is stillbenefiting from the same system offense. What I do find interesting about it, though, is that the defensive coordinator who unleashed this latest wave of articles is Monte Kiffin. He’s a wily NFL veteran who coached defense in the NFL in one capacity or another non-stop from 1983 until this year. If he was able to giveTebow that much trouble with a new and reasonably depleted unit then you have to believe that NFL systems would eat him for lunch. Don’t worry, though -Tebow is just one good game away from being declared a god again.

It has to be tough to be Brad Lidge. He was a hero in Houston, the he gave up the home run and he was never the same again. He came to Philadelphia and was virtually immortal last year. This year he hasn’t met a save that he couldn’t blow. I hope the guy has a good shrink and a loving wife, because if not we’re going to ea about him getting busted with a pound of coke in his car at some point.

My favorite stat two weeks into the NFL season is the race to be the sacks leader. When was the last time that a guy had four sacks in to weeks and was a distant second in the standings? I’m too lazy to look, but I’m guessing it has been more than a little while. That’s thecase this year, though. Elvis Dumervil of Denver was essentially unblocked against the Browns, and he got to Brady Quinn four times. That’s no match, though, for, of all people, Antwan Odom of the Bengals. Odom had 15.5 sacks in five season coming into this year, including a career high of eight for the Titans in 2007, so he’ll certainly eclipse that given that he has seven already, and he has a good look at surpassing his entire career total in one year. He has feasted on two porous offensive lines in Denver and Green Bay so far, and with Cleveland on the schedule twice, Pittsburgh twice, and Minnesota among others he’ll have plenty more chances to shine. That being said, I would feel reasonably comfortable betting that Odom won’t lead the standings after 17 weeks regardless of the lead he has been spotted.

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