David Ortiz your AL MVP?

Red Sox DH David Ortiz, who now has 11 walk-off career hits and presently leads the majors in homeruns and RBI, did it again on Saturday, serving up a single to drive in the winning run in the bottom of the 11th against the Angels. Last year, chants of MVP were heard for Ortiz. This year there’s clamor again for him to be MVP. That raises the question—should a DH, who rarely if ever plays the field, be considered for MVP? Some purist say “Never!� But why not? A DH plays every day, Ask yourself this—how often is a guy’s fielding considered in MVP voting? If it goes to a hitter (and not a pitcher), it’s always about offensive output. So I say- ORTIZ FOR MVP!

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  1. Maddux

    Once again Ortiz does it, walk off 3 run homer to beat the Indians. Guy truly is clutch.

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