NFL – Will Moss Make the Difference?

The acquisition of Randy Moss by the New England Patriots surprised a lot of experts. Why? Well, Moss is not your typical Pat. Typical means a team player who doesn’t make a show of his greatness, who doesn’t complain, who plays by the company rules. The number one rule being—the game and game prep should always be your focus.

There’s no doubt that Moss is a resounding talent. He’s one of the best wide receivers in the league. During his career, he’s been sure-handed and durable. In 9 NFL seasons, he’s missed a total of six games. He’s accumulated over 1,000 receiving yards for seven of his nine seasons.

Moss gives the Pats something they lacked last season—a true playmaker in the receiving corps. Moss has fantastic leaping ability and as a deep threat is still one of the best in the NFL.

The question—can the Pats get Moss to be on their wavelength and to stay there. The answer is probably, “Yes.� It’s rare for the Patriots to take a chance on quirky talent. They’d rather go with solid role players who can conform to their scheme. A few years ago, New England signed Cory Dillon, who was known for being a malcontent. He became quite content on his way to the Super Bowl.

Certainly, most players become a bit more focused when they know they’ve got a real shot at the Lombardi Trophy and that magnificent Super Bowl ring. The question is will Moss be more like Dillon or will he end up being like Terrell Owens—a guy who always has to be the focus of attention?

If he ends up being like Owens, then he won’t be a Patriot for very long. Bill Belichick just doesn’t put up with that type of behavior.

Look for Moss to be the player’s player. And on an offensive squad that includes Tom Brady at QB, Ben Watson at TE and Laurence Maroney at RB, Mr. Moss could be the keystone that puts New England over the top and into the Super Bowl once again.

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