NBA – James Does It

Okay—LeBron James was the man in the end, hitting a three and then a two. He scored the last 25 points for the Cavs and 29 of the final 30 Cavs’ points—48 in total! 48 in 51 minutes.James matured tonight to become the ultimate Superstar. Bird, Magic, Abdul-Jabar, Russell, Jordan, Chamberlain, Shaq—that’s where he is now. Why? Well, he’s in the Eastern Conference Finals, in double overtime, on the home court of Detroit in a series that is tied at 2 and 2.

Momentum—Cleveland. And rock on!

For Detroit—the cry has to be Billups—step up! Wallace—step up! Richard Hamilton—step up!

Barkley noted tonight on TNT, “this was one of the most impressive single performances I’ve ever seen.� Quite a compliment from Sir Charles.

Honestly, I never thought that a one-man team could do what James did tonight against the Pistons. But he was and he made it happen. James led in points (48), rebounds (9), assists (7) and steals (2). Wow! I mean—wow!

Bird, Magic, Abdul-Jabar, Russell, Jordan, Chamberlain, Shaq—has any done this in a big time playoff game? Maybe, but I cannot remember that happening.

The question is—why can’t Detroit take the ball out of this guy’s hands? What’s up here? Huh?

Gut check for Detroit.

James—can the magic continue?

Spurs—who are you going to play?

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