My Super Bowl Two Cents

What follows is my opinion only, and not necessarily the opinion of everyone else here at Maddux Sports:

The Saints are going to win the Super Bowl. I have many good reasons why I have come to this conclusion, but here are seven:

1. The Saints have been very impressive two weeks in a row against tough opponents. They aren’t always flashy, but they find a way to get it done in the end. That sense of the dramatic is more than these Colts have.

2. The gap between the quarterbacks isn’t that big. Manning is unquestionably the better quarterback, but Brees is pretty darned good himself, and he has more weapons at his disposal in this game than Manning does – especially if Reggie Wayne isn’t at his best.

3. Too many people are picking the Colts. If you are any kind of sports ‘expert’ it seems to have been legally mandated that ou pick Indy. That kind of group-think makes me nervous. The Super Bowl rarely turns out in the obvious way.

4. I just don’t like Peyton Manning. Loved him on Saturday Night Live, and admit that some of his commercials are funny, but in general I get incomprehensibly annoyed b everything else about him. I hated him at Tennessee, and I haven’t grown past that.

5. Motivation. The Colts are motivated to win this game for themselves. The Saints are motivated by the spirit of a beaten down city. That sounds ridiculous, but the Saints are taking it very seriously, and I think that it will be an impact.

6. Dwight Freeney. As I watch the pre-game festivities it appears that he is going to play. I am not at all convinced he’ll play well, and I think that he has a real chance to be a distraction here.

7. Running game. Only one team here is going to be able to run the ball – the Saints. That can be a huge advantage in a game like this, and  expect them to make the most of it.

Mostly, though, I just hope that it’s a good game. There will be food and beer galore, and that’s all that matters. Have fun!

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