My New Year’s Resolutions

As we stand here on the brink of a whole new year, I thought that I would do what we are all supposed to do at this time of year and make some resolutions. Don;t worry – I won’t talk about going to the gym or spending more time with my wife. We’ll just focus on sports betting.

1. I won’t get sucked in by losers. No more Jacksonville, and all of the other teams like Jacksonville out there in all sports. No more falling hook, line and sinker for a team that ends up in the gutter.

2. I will be more objective about the Manning brothers. Oh, who am I kidding – that will never happen. My response to them is irrational and eternal. I just plain hate those guys.

3. I will go into the Triple Crown accepting that it probably isn’t going to be won. It will be less crushing when it doesn’t happen that way.

4. I’m going to pay at least a bit of attention to the WNBA this year. I’ve heard too much about all of the betting opportunities it presents not to.

5. I’ll learn to respect Marvin Lewis and Charlie Weis – two guys who have worked hard to reach the pinnacle of their profession. Nope – that’s not going to happen, either.

6. I won’t gloat too obnoxiously when Michigan wins a national championship. I’m better than that.

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