Monday Notes – March 9

It has been more than 60 hours since it happened, but it still hasn’t entirely sunk in – Michigan is going to the tournament. Probably. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. For the first time in a long, long, long time. It would obviously help if we won a conference tournament game or two, but I think it would be a massive travesty for us to get bounced now given what we have accomplished so far and given the last win at Minnesota. Now I’m nervous. Not about how the team will do, mind you – I’m just thrilled we are there this year, so I’ll take whatever I can get. I’m nervous about how to act when your team is in the tournament. I was a much younger man the last time the Wolverines danced, so I feel lost.

Yes, I think Michigan will win it all. And yes I know that that makes me sound crazy. And yes, I know they really won’t.

Pitt beat UConn on Sunday. Again. I may be overstating it, but I attach a whole lot of significance to this game. Pitt beat UConn last time around and it was pretty conclusive. The Huskies had a few weeks to learn and improve, yet they lost the second game by even more. Not just based on this, but I am optimistic about Pitt’s chances, and I am not buying UConn stock.

As you know if you read what I wrote on Friday, I didn’t expect Terrell Owens to land in Buffalo. That being said, the more I think about the deal, the more I like it. For Owens he gets one year to re-prove that he can be a good citizen, yet he gets to play on a team that has a chance to be a contender, and with a pretty solid quarterback. He also gets to make pretty solid money. The Bills get a very good receiver. He will make his QB better, and he will open things up significantly for Lee Evans. If Owens and Evans can develop any chemistry at all then they could be deadly. More significantly, the Bills risk almost nothing. The upside is great, and if things go badly they can cut their losses and wash their hands of everything at the end of the year. I like how bold the Bills were, and I don’t expect them to regret it this year.

A-Rod has opted for hip surgery, it went well, and now he is out for somewhere between six and 12 weeks depending upon what you read. It’s obviously a loss for the Yankees, but I’m not sure it will matter. They have enough depth to weather the storm until he returns. More significantly, it could even be a good thing – the new players can settle in and get comfortable without having toanswer the endless steroid questions right away.

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