MLB- With Bonds its a Matter of Time

Barry Bonds has been struggling as of late. Is the guy nervous? Maybe he’s feeling his age? Perhaps it’s a guilty conscience that has the guy going 0- 3 in his latest game and 0- 19 overall.

In July, the slugger hit .186, which was his worst mark since April 1991 when he hit at a .177 clip. Every time he steps up to the plate, every time he swings the bat, every time the guy connects with the ball, the flashes go off like heat lightening in August. It’s quite a display.

Bonds has recorded 754 round trips in the majors, leaving the 43-year old vet one away from tying Hammerin’ Hank Aaron and two away from eclipsing Aaron’s record.

Although Barry Bonds is bound to break Aaron’s home run mark, he’ll be hard pressed to ever be a class act like Aaron was.

Bonds holds the season mark for homers, which is 73. He also holds the season marks for walks (232), slugging percentage (.863) and on base percentage (.609). He’s won seven MVP awards, four more than any other MLB player.

Despite the fact that Bonds will break Hank Aaron’s career home run record, it’s still tough to say of he’ll get to the Hall of fame in Cooperstown, NY. That will depend partly on how his court appearances go as the hitter has been connected with the MLB steroid scandal.

Although 52% of Americans are rooting for Bonds to break Aaron’s record, I am not. I am in the minority. Why? For the same reason I rooted for Aaron to break the Babe’s home run total—fairness. Henry Aaron won his title fair and square. I will always have my doubts about Barry Bonds. How many more homers did the juice create? That’s hard to say, but let’s say the juice helped him from around 2000- 2005. I’m going to say that steroids helped 10 of the balls he hit travel further than they would have, allowing them to go out of the park.

Let’s see—that’s six years times 10 HR/YR= 60 homers. That means, if my simple math is correct, that Barry should be at 694 round trippers. That’s a good year or more away from Mr. Henry Aaron.

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