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Roger Clemens has been through four starts and one relief appearance with the Yanks in 2007. The question is how’s the 44-year old, multi-million dollar vet doing? What sort of impact has he made?

Thus far– not much of one. The stats shape up this way.

Over five games and 23.2 IP the Rocket has given up 14 runs, which calculates to a 5.32 ERA. His record stands at 1- 3. He has struck out 22, which is good. He’s allowed 27 hits, 14 runs, 4 home runs and 8 walks. Opponents are batting .284 against him. In his three loses the Yanks have scored only three runs, while opponents have scored 10. In his one victory, which occurred in his first game of the season on June 9 against Pittsburgh, the Yanks gave Clemens 9 runs!

Clemens also appeared in one inning of relief against San Francisco where he gave up one hit and one run while walking one and striking out one. In his four starts this season, Clemens has averaged 100 pitches per game and 5.55 innings.

It’s evident that if the Rocket is going to earn his keep, his team also has to earn theirs. The other day NY catcher Jorge Posada called out the team, saying that they were simply going through the motions. It’s certainly true in terms of offensive output. It’s clear that no matter how well the Rocket pitched in two of his three loses, that they were loses based on lack of run support.

Additionally, Clemens has to go longer to be effective. He’s not throwing too many pitches per game but he is throwing too many per inning. He’s averaging over 18 pitches per inning and will never get deeper than six, and later in the season as he tires, no deeper than five innings with that type of pitch count.

There’s always the age and groin concern with Clemens.

Look at 26-year old Yankee starter Darrell Rasner, who’s now injured and out. In six starts he was 1- 3 with an ERA of 4.01. (Same record with an ERA 1.31 lower. Almost all other stats are comparable to Clemens except for his pay. Rasner’s earning $384,523. His one win is a bargain when you think about how much per win Clemens is bound to get. If he notches eight wins, it’d be around $3 million per W!

Ranser, who has been out since mid-May, is due to start against the Twins tomorrow. If he gets his second win, he’ll be even more of a bargain than Clemens, and Clemens will potentially be more of a bust.

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  1. Yes, he’s quite an athlete. But the bullpen won’t serve him and the hitting has failed (as has the Red Sox recently). And the Yankees will not have spent their money wisely. And although Steinbrenner has the deepest pockets in baseball, he’s become the poster boy for the old adage, “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

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