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As we near the halfway point of the 2007 baseball season, its interesting to note a few things regarding the American League.1)Boston has lost three straight but the Yanks have lost four straight. Leaving them 11 out and in third place. Toronto is nine out.

2)Detroit and Cleveland a virtually deadlocked for first in the Central. Detroit is in that position having just activated their ace—Kenny Rogers.

3)The Angels have at times looked scary in the West. But West Coast teams are like that. Could this year be different?

4)Seattle took three straight from the Red Sox. They have won five straight and are five behind the Angels who have lost three straight.

5)Right now the Yanks are behind five other teams for the Wild Card.

6)Texas, the ChiSox, Kansas City, Baltimore and Tampa Bay are all out of it. That’s more than one-third of the AL

7)Of the first-place teams, Detroit has the best road record (27-15) but are lousy at home (18-16).

8)Boston is the only first-place team with good records both home (23- 12) and away (25- 17). Both home and away, they are winning 65% of their games.

9)The Yanks have scored the fourth most runs in the league—400. That’s more than Boston. And more than the Jays.

10)The only team to have allowed fewer runs than the Red Sox (307) are the Oakland A’s (304). The A’s are 40- 37, Red Sox 48- 29. So, what’s up? Boston has scored 386 runs and Oakland only 338.

That’s the way is looks almost at the halfway mark.

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